De Mthuda – Baba Yaga Album Zip Download

De Mthuda – Baba Yaga Album Zip Download. Welcome to the dark and enigmatic sonic realm of De Mthuda's "Baba Yaga," an album that dares to venture into the shadows of sound, crafting an electrifying experience that lures you into its hypnotic embrace. This isn't just an album; it's a sonic incantation, a spellbinding journey through pulsating beats and haunting melodies.

De Mthuda, the maestro of musical sorcery, invites you to delve into the mystical landscape of "Baba Yaga," where each track is a bewitching tale spun with intricate beats that resonate like whispers in the night and melodies that cast an irresistible spell on your senses.

In this sonic labyrinth, "Baba Yaga" emerges as a mystical figure—a sonic sorceress conjuring a whirlwind of basslines that rumble like ancient incantations and synths that shimmer like mystical apparitions. The album is a sonic potion, a concoction of otherworldly rhythms and hypnotic harmonies that transport you to a realm where darkness and allure intertwine.

Prepare to be entranced as "Baba Yaga" unfolds its dark and mysterious chapters, each track an invocation that beckons you further into the depths of De Mthuda's sonic alchemy. It's not merely an album; it's a mesmerizing experience, a journey through the ethereal where every beat is a dance with the unknown and every melody a haunting echo of musical enchantment.


  1. De Mthuda, Yallunder & Zar Keys – Intro
  2. De Mthuda – My Hommies ft. Aidah
  3. De Mthuda – Uzobuya ft. Mashudu & The Bless
  4. De Mthuda & Yallunder – iMali
  5. De Mthuda & Aymos – Buyela Ekhaya
  6. De Mthuda, Kabza De Small & Da Muziqal Chef – Muntu Wam ft. Sino Msolo & Murumba Pitch
  7. De Mthuda & Da Muziqal Chef – Sara Woga ft. Mr. Brown
  8. De Mthuda – iSgub Samachankura ft. Kammu Dee
  9. De Mthuda & Oscar Mbo – Baba Yaga ft. Sam Deep
  10. De Mthuda, MÖRDA & Mhaw Keys – Yoba Yoba ft. Brenden Praise

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