Laud & Stanky DeeJay – Up To No Good Album Download

Laud & Stanky DeeJay's "Up To No Good Album," a dynamic musical journey that transcends the ordinary and ventures into the realms of eclectic beats and vibrant melodies. This album isn't just a collection of tracks; it's a collaborative masterpiece that captures the essence of mischief, creativity, and the pure joy of musical innovation.

From the very first note, "Up To No Good" unfolds as a sonic adventure, with Laud & Stanky DeeJay as the architects of a rhythmic rollercoaster. The beats are like mischievous accomplices, orchestrating a playful dance, while the melodies are sonic tales, weaving narratives of excitement and unpredictability. The album is a seamless fusion of genres, showcasing Laud & Stanky DeeJay's ability to create a sonic landscape that is both diverse and cohesive.

As you delve into the album, each track becomes a chapter in this musical escapade. Some beats are like mischievous whispers, inviting you to join in the sonic mischief, while others are melodic revelations, offering moments of reflection amid the rhythmic chaos. "Up To No Good" is a testament to Laud & Stanky DeeJay's collaborative prowess, presenting an album that is as experimental as it is harmonious.

This album is not just an auditory experience; it's an invitation to embrace the joy of musical rebellion. Laud & Stanky DeeJay invite you to join their sonic mischief, allowing the beats to guide your footsteps and the melodies to spark your imagination. "Up To No Good" is an album that transcends expectations, offering a sonic playground where beats and melodies converge in a celebration of musical creativity.

Prepare to be captivated, energized, and thoroughly entertained by the playful brilliance of "Up To No Good Album." Laud & Stanky DeeJay's collaborative creation is a sonic misadventure, where beats are the partners in crime, melodies are the tales of escapade, and every track is an invitation to revel in the sheer joy of musical mischief. Let the music be your accomplice as you navigate the exhilarating realms of "Up To No Good"—where every note is a celebration of the infectious spirit of sonic revelry.


  1. Laud, Stanky DeeJay & DJ Jaivane – 50
  2. Laud, Stanky DeeJay, Rome & Mercibella – Hope
  3. Laud & Stanky DeeJay – 70
  4. Laud & Stanky DeeJay – 73
  5. Laud, Stanky DeeJay & Stakev – Thela Rekere
  6. Laud, Stanky DeeJay, Kammu Dee & Sanzasoul – Why You Angry
  7. Laud & Stanky DeeJay – 12

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