Mjakes The Producer – Imithandazo Album Download

Dive into the soul-stirring rhythms and emotive melodies of Mjakes The Producer's 'Imithandazo' Album — a musical odyssey that transcends mere beats, weaving a sonic tapestry of prayerful emotion and rhythmic spirituality. This album is not just a collection of tracks; it's a divine journey, where each note is a heartfelt plea and every beat resonates with the pulse of spiritual introspection.

From the very first track, 'Imithandazo' transports you into a sacred space where Mjakes The Producer's expertly crafted beats serve as vessels of prayer. The album is a sanctuary of sound, each track a hymn that captures the essence of devotion and introspection. The beats are a rhythmic meditation, guiding listeners through the contemplative landscapes of the soul.

As you delve deeper into the album, the melodies become like whispered prayers, creating an atmosphere of tranquility and spiritual connection. 'Imithandazo' is a testament to Mjakes The Producer's ability to infuse music with a profound sense of emotion and depth, inviting listeners to experience a harmonious blend of rhythm and reverence.

This album is not just an auditory experience; it's a spiritual journey, an invitation to immerse yourself in the divine frequencies of sound. Mjakes The Producer has created a musical sanctuary where beats are prayers, and melodies are meditations, transcending the boundaries between the physical and the spiritual.

Prepare to be moved, uplifted, and spiritually awakened by 'Imithandazo.' Mjakes The Producer invites you to embrace the transformative power of music, where each track is a sacred offering, and the album is a testament to the universal language of the soul. Let the beats guide you, and allow yourself to be carried away by the transcendent beauty of 'Imithandazo.'


  1. Mjakes The Producer – Mmoloki Waka (feat. Diego Phawe)
  2. Mjakes The Producer & Nhlonipho – Phendula Imithandazo
  3. Mjakes The Producer – Ndiyabulela (feat. Khobzn Kiavalla & DJ 13 SA)
  4. Mjakes The Producer – Kuwe (feat. Khobzn Kiavalla & DJ 13 SA)
  5. Mjakes The Producer & Nhlonipho – Mdali (feat. Pamela M)
  6. Mjakes The Producer, Ntokzin & DJ Mshega – Nguwe
  7. Mjakes The Producer & Khobzn Kiavalla – My Melody (feat. Ntsiki Ntsele & Shad On Sax)
  8. Mjakes The Producer & Don Steazy – Thandwa Nguwe (feat. Shad On Sax)
  9. Mjakes The Producer & Zahara – Guqa Ngedolo (feat. Khobzn Kiavalla & Mzizi)
  10. Mjakes The Producer & Naima Kay – Uyaphendula (feat. Thimza Exclusive & Mfoka’Ndamase)
  11. Mjakes The Producer & Kelly Khumalo – Ngiya Nqoba
  12. Mjakes The Producer & Dudu Makhoba – Moya
  13. Mjakes The Producer – Not Forsaken (feat. Neo Power & Khobzn Kiavalla)
  14. Mjakes The Producer – Thank You Father (feat. Sandile Mcunu & FacelessBand)
  15. Mjakes The Producer, MalumNator & Khobzn Kiavalla – Ngiza nginje
  16. Mjakes The Producer & MalumNator – Stand By Me (feat. Mo-T)
  17. Mjakes The Producer & MalumNator – So Mlandela (feat. Lelo songs)
  18. Mjakes The Producer & Bongani Nchang – Vuma (feat. Khobzn Kiavalla)
  19. Mjakes The Producer & Masandi – Ngisize (feat. Shabba, Khobzn Kiavalla & Coco Soul)
  20. Mjakes The Producer & Khobzn Kiavalla – Bekezela (feat. Umooler & Esau)
  21. Mjakes The Producer & Ntokzin – Ngibonga wena
  22. Mjakes The Producer – Ungethembisile (feat. Six Toes)
  23. Mjakes The Producer – Bawo (feat. Don Steazy)
  24. Mjakes The Producer & Vince La Sol – Uvumile

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