Tumza D'kota – Street Cred Vol.2 Album Download

Step into the raw and pulsating energy of the streets with Tumza D’kota's 'Street Cred Vol.2' album — a sonic journey that captures the heartbeat of the urban landscape. This album is not just a collection of beats; it's a gritty, unapologetic exploration of the streets, where each track is a narrative, a rhythm echoing the stories and vibes of the city.

From the first beat, 'Street Cred Vol.2' sets the tone for an immersive experience. Tumza D’kota's expertly crafted beats are like the heartbeat of the concrete jungle, reverberating through the listener's soul. The album is a sonic mural, each track a stroke of rhythmic graffiti painting the vivid scenes of urban life.

As you traverse through the album, the beats are a labyrinth of sound, guiding you through the bustling streets and alleyways. Some tracks are like the relentless pace of city life, while others are the reflective moments, capturing the essence of late-night vibes and urban tales. Tumza D’kota's composition is a homage to the street culture, a sonic representation of the energy, struggles, and triumphs of the concrete jungle.

'Street Cred Vol.2' is not just an album; it's a sonic expedition into the streets, an invitation to experience the raw authenticity of urban soundscapes. Tumza D’kota's beats are the heartbeat of the streets, the melodies are the echoes of the city's soul, and each track is a step into the vibrant, dynamic world of 'Street Cred Vol.2.'

Prepare to be immersed in the pulse of the streets. Tumza D’kota invites you to navigate the urban soundscape, where beats are the language, and 'Street Cred Vol.2' is the sonic passport to the gritty, unfiltered energy of the streets. Let the beats guide you through the asphalt jungle and experience the album that is a true testament to the street's undeniable credibility.


  1. Tumza D’kota – Easier (feat. Abidoza & Dinho)
  2. Tumza D’kota – Cell Mate (feat. Abidoza, Dinho & PhemeloSaxer)
  3. Tumza D’kota – The blues (feat. Abidoza, Dinho & Kandybeats)
  4. Tumza D’kota – Tsamaya (feat. Abidoza, Dinho & Fabian)
  5. Tumza D’kota – Culprit (feat. Abidoza, Dinho & Sjavas Da Deejay)
  6. Tumza D’kota – Old Time Sake (feat. Abidoza & Dinho)
  7. Tumza D’kota – Stimela (feat. Abidoza, Dinho, Fabian & T-Gedi)
  8. Tumza D’kota – Jack (feat. Abidoza & Dinho)
  9. Tumza D’kota – Cell 9 (feat. Abidoza & Dinho)
  10. Tumza D’kota – Verdict 1 (feat. Abidoza & Dinho)
  11. Tumza D’kota – Sad And Touching (feat. Abidoza, Dinho, HappyJazzman & PhemeloSaxer)