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Amapiano Vs Bacardi

I’ve often been asked, what’s the difference between Amapiano and Bacardi? Answering that is like attempting to answer what’s the difference between Hip Hop and Trap music. It’s all in the elements of production. I’ll now address the Amapiano vs Bacardi conundrum in the sections below.

There’s a popular saying that only two thing are certain in life – Death and Taxes. Permit me to add, Evolution, and Growth. These two phenomena are true for all aspects of life. They are inevitable and will hold true in whatever universe you find yourself. South African House music is evolving, has been, and will continue to evolve.

Deep-house DJs are superstars in South Africa, where more house music is consumed than in any other country.

The unique thing about South African music is that every major city in South Africa has its own unique take on the genre, produced specifically for its own inhabitants. Hence Johannesburg consumes the Jazzy vocal house of Micasa and Black Motion. Pretoria is defined by the sounds of Mujava and Bujo Mujo. When you go further up North you can find the frantic Bacardi House.

The east coast, is dominated by the Kwaito-inspired Durban house of Big Nuz as well as the likes of Rude Boyz’s GQOM, deep house’s spiritual antecedent.

The earliest sound of House music /Afro House in South Africa dates back to the early 90’s just as the country was transitioning from an era plagued by Apartheid to a democratic inclusive government. The political change reflected in other aspects of life. This change brought a new found freedom and an uprising of musical talent and expression.

Bacardi House

Bacardi House, is a sub-genre of House music that infuses elements of House, kwaito and electronic altogether. The genre itself was founded by the late DJ Spoko in Atteridgeville. In one interview, Spoko had this to say about Bacardi, “Bacardi House is a design of dance. It was created only for one duty which is to make people dance, one purpose to make them sweat“.

DJ Spoko the founder of Bacardi House usic
DJ Spoko

Unlike Amapiano, Bacardi House has been there for a while since the early 2000’s. DJ Spoko who pioneered the genre studied sound engineering under Nozinja, creator of the hyper-speed, hip-shaking Shangaan Electro style. This would play a huge part in the formation of the Bacardi sound. One of the biggest and most popular Bacardi House songs is “Township Funk” influenced by Spoko.

The Best Bacardi Songs

This is just a limited list, and does not include all or imply that any of the songs not listed are not good enough. If you would like any song added to the list please you can indicate that in the comment section.

  • Home by Glasser (Township Mix)
  • Cheps Panyaza
  • More Pain
  • Tsa Tsa ftr Chappies
  • Track 08
  • Captain Jack Spoko is Back
  • Track 07
  • Why U Nketsa So
  • Seroepe Sa Nwanoo
  • Oreng Mo ftr DJ Mujava

The Best Bacardi Producers

This is just a limited list, and does not include all or imply that any of the producers or artists not listed are not good enough. If you would like any names added to the list please you can indicate that in the comment section. We could only find limited information on Bacardi producers.

  • DJ Spoko
  • Mujava


What is Amapiano? The question has been asked millions of times over the last 12 months. People often wondered whether or not it is House, Kwaito, or Bacardi. Amapiano is Amapiano! It is a lifestyle, it is a sound, it is a movement.

Amapiano is a standalone sound, as well as a hybrid of different sounds. I say this because, music as an art is born from inspiration. People get inspired to create, and sometimes they can draw inspiration from more than one source.

The sound inherits its characteristics from local music made and popularized in the South African townships. Hence, It takes after jazz with its keys, kwaito with its bass-lines and harmonies, it’s drum patterns and percussion come from Bacardi and its tempo is similar to the early House music of the late ’90s. Having said that, its demeanor – sometimes soulful, sometimes carnal, often epicurean – is all of its own making and signifies its own time. To know more about the origin ad emergence of amapiano read this article.

The top Amapiano Songs 2019

In the few years that Amapiano has existed, it has produced an amazing catalogue of hits.

  • Bum Bum by El Maestro feat. TP
  • iGama by Gaba Cannal feat. Dladla Mshunqisi
  • Kokota by KayGee Daking feat. Bizizi and Killer Kau
  • Yey Wena by Cyburmusiq
  • Yebo-Pa by Kabza De Small
  • Mduva by Kay Invictus
  • Blissful Day by De Mthuda
  • Freak Like Me by Thackzin
  • ‘skhathi by KWiiSH SA
  • Paradise 1475 by Thackzin
  • Vula Vala by DJ Maphorisa, Kabza De Small, Vigro Deep feat. Nokwazi
  • Gong Gong by Kwiish SA & Vukani
  • Akulaleki by Samthing Soweto ft Kabza De Small, Dj Maphorisa

The Best Amapiano Producers

This is just a limited list, and does not include all or imply that any of the producers or artists not listed are not good enough. If you would like any names added to the list please you can indicate that in the comment section.

  • Kabza De Small
  • DJ Maphorisa
  • JazziDisciples
  • Kaygee Daking
  • Kwiish SA
  • ElusiveBoy SA
  • Thackzin DJ
  • Soul Revolver
  • Bitter Soul
  • Deep Tonic
  • Dj Clizo
  • Dazz-B Music
  • De Mthuda
  • Vigro Deep
  • Vukani
  • The Squad

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  1. if you could only find limited information on barcardi that means that you have limited knowledge on barcardi ask the originators from pretoria they will tell you what barcardi you cant serparate the two amapiano i would say is more of a sub genre in barcardi you cant serparate the two “its like trying to serparate trap or dirty south music from hip hop check the track baby are you coming from 012’s finest that song is strictly barcardi but yet people call it amapiano with that being said pretoria brought house music to south africa i dont say this because i want to embarrass you or belittle you but i believe amapiano has always existed since the early 2000’s and now joburg streets come up with a different name for it all i am saying is same shit different laxative

    1. Thanks for your input. Perhaps you can add more to this article you can send in your suggestions via our contact page or here in the comments section. However, I did mention that differentiating between Amapiano and Bacardi is just as difficult as differentiating between Hip hop and Trap. They’re so very similar and this is mostly because one emerged from the other. I couldn’t find a lot of information online about Bacardi, and that’s because no one has really written an in-dept article on the subject matter (Try searching, you’ll see). There’s no Wiki for it. Maybe with your knowledge of Bacardi you would be pivotal in filling up this knowledge gap.

  2. Kaygee is on point. The first time I heard these amapiano songs was this was Bacardi. It was very popular around 2013 when I lived in Mamelodi, at every tavern. I cannot tell the difference between amapiano and Bacardi, and I doubt that anyone can

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