Caltonic SA & Thabz Le Madonga – Yanos Masters, Vol. 2

Caltonic SA & Thabz Le Madonga – Yanos Masters, Vol. 2 Ep Download.

Caltonic SA and Thabz Le Madonga have formed a duo partnership and they now call themselves Yano Masters. Caltonic SA is a young Amapiano producer who for a couple of years now has been making steady waves in the industry. Thabz on the other hand is more experienced having been in the industry longer than his new partner. Their partnership is a really good one. Caltonic SA & Thabz Le Madonga as the Yano Masters have released their latest project “Yano Masters vol 2 EP“.

The new compilation sees the dup stock together 24 songs with guest appearances from a diverse group of producers, artists, and vocalists. Featured on the tape include, Musa Keys, Sje Konka, Jessica LM, MaWhoo, Mgiftoz SA, TeamMosha, Leon Lee, Nomtee and many more.

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Check out the album below.


  1. Nizolimala (feat. Nomtee, Jessica LM, Rascoe Kaos & Tee Jay)
  2. Ithemba (feat. MaWhoo & Sje Konka)
  3. Ncela Amanamba (feat. Mgiftoz)
  4. Wayawaya (feat. Nomtee & Team Mosha)
  5. Pakistan (feat. Mgiftoz)
  6. Awenze (feat. MaWhoo, Zete D’roba & ForegZampul)
  7. Mo Money (feat. Mckenzie Matome)
  8. Magita (feat. Keyrabo & Milanzi Melody)
  9. Izinto (feat. Musa Keys)
  10. Yekela (feat. Team Mosha)
  11. Backspace (feat. TL Deep & Naqua SA)
  12. Kwaitolive
  13. Spirit (feat. Team Mosha)
  14. Nice Journey (feat. Leon Lee & YuurGirl DJ Lola)
  15. Kwenzakalani (feat. Mgiftoz)
  16. Sekele
  17. Far Away (feat. Sammie Ca)
  18. Mahamba Yedwa (feat. Swart Spear)
  19. Asibambeke (feat. The Equalizer)
  20. Twelve Midnight (feat. DJ Buckz)
  21. Fire (feat. Sje Konka)
  22. Bambelela (feat. MaWhoo & Sje Konka)
  23. Sengvukile (feat. Leon Lee)
  24. Calling (feat. Skillo)

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