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DBN Gogo Biography, Songs

DBN Gogo Biography

DBN Gogo Biography, Age, Songs. DBN (Pronounced Dee-Ben Gogo) is a South African female Disk Jockey. Her real name is Mandisa Radebe and she has been a professional Dj for more than a year. Mandisa is originally from Durban but she lived most of her life n Pretoria, and also had a brief spell in France and most of Europe where she traveled.


Dee-Ben Gogo is fast becoming “the people’s choice” when it comes to nightlife parties. The young DJ has featured alongside some of the most reputable and highly demanded artists in the industry. Some of the events she has featured in include, party power house Ultra South Africa, Until Until, Trace Roots, Wits O Week, Durban July and Mint Fridays at Zone 6 venue and most recently the Channel O Lockdown House party.

DBN Gogo says her varying and colorful taste in music is due to her diverse background, having spent most of her life in different cities with varying music cultures.

DBN Gogo biography

Here are ten facts you need to know about DBN Gogo.

  1. I am actually from Durban, I’ve just lived in Pretoria most of my life and that’s where most people know me from now.
  2. I’m currently studying law, yes law!
  3. I’ve officially been djing for a year and a half now and I’ve loved every second of it.
  4. I used to live in France. I’ve actually travelled Europe and have been exposed to a diverse mix of music styles.
  5. I am fluent in French
  6. My real name is Mandisa lol!
  7. I play all sorts of house, not just gqom- that’s just what I’m best known for.
  8. My friends gave me the name Dbn Gogo. Long story, don’t ask. But there was a bus, a festival and girl talk… that’s as much as I can say!
  9. I’m a huge fan of SA hip hop
  10. I’m not really a Gogo, as you can see!
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You can connect with DBN Gogo via the following links.

Social media links:

Facebook – dbngogo

Instagram – @dbngogo

Twitter – @DBNGOGO

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