December 8th This Year Marked as Momo's Day

There has been an unwritten rule in the Amapiano scene that declares whatever day Kelvin Momo drops an album as Momo's Day. Tomorrow, the 8th of December 2023, has been marked as Momo's Day, as Kelvin Momo will be releasing his third studio album, "Kurhula"

Kelvin Momo is the only saviour of Amapiano. While our ears has done a lot in the past few months filtering subpar contents from producers who are yet to understand the scope of the Amapiano sound, a final ear and soul treatment awaits us with Momo's release of "Kurhula."

Kelvin Momo's "Kurhula" will be a fight between saving the Amapiano Soul through several private school piano interventions or letting the genre get overran and overwhelmed with unworthy contents.

Stay tuned as Momo's Day is unveiled tomorrow!.