DJ Father – Coloured King Chapter 2 Album Download

Step into the majestic realm of DJ Father's 'Coloured King Chapter 2' and witness the sonic coronation of beats and melodies. This album is not merely a collection of tracks; it's a regal tapestry woven with rhythmic threads and melodic jewels that crown the listener in an auditory spectacle fit for royalty.

From the inaugural note, 'Coloured King Chapter 2' reigns supreme as a testament to DJ Father's mastery of the musical kingdom. The beats are the drumroll of a royal procession, each one echoing with the regal pulse that commands attention. This album is a sonic monarchy where beats rule with authority, and melodies are the harmonious decree.

As you traverse through each track, it's akin to a royal journey through diverse sonic landscapes. Some beats are the fanfare of celebration, while others are the contemplative strolls through the palace gardens of melody. DJ Father's expert composition is like the strokes of a musical scepter, conducting an orchestral symphony that resonates with both grandeur and finesse.

'Coloured King Chapter 2' is not just an album; it's a majestic feast for the ears, an invitation to immerse yourself in the opulence of sound. DJ Father invites you to be a part of his sonic kingdom, where beats are the noble decree, and melodies are the crown jewels adorning the auditory royalty.

Prepare to be enthroned, enchanted, and immersed in the regal world of 'Coloured King Chapter 2.' DJ Father's album is a sonic monarchy that reigns with splendor and musical sovereignty. Let the beats be your heralds, and the melodies your loyal subjects, as you embark on a majestic auditory journey through the corridors of this regal sonic kingdom.


  1. DJ Father – Uzozisola ft. Leemckrazy & Dsax
  2. DJ Father – Dali Wam ft. Samora
  3. DJ Father – Ke Banyana ft. Leemckrazy
  4. DJ Father – Soul To Soul
  5. DJ Father –OOOH OOOH!!
  6. DJ Father – Bed Time Story ft. Smaora & Mema_Percent

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