DJ Father – Coloured King Chapter 3 Album Download

DJ Father's "Coloured King Chapter 3", an album, where beats and melodies converge in a symphony of innovation. This album isn't just a collection of tracks; it's a dynamic chapter in the evolving narrative of DJ Father's musical mastery.

From the very first track, "Coloured King Chapter 3" unfolds as a sonic tapestry, with DJ Father as the maestro, orchestrating beats that resonate with energy and melodies that paint vivid sonic landscapes. The beats are like rhythmic declarations, each one pushing the boundaries of conventional sound, while the melodies are the vibrant hues that breathe life into the musical canvas.

As you delve into the album, each track becomes a chapter in this exhilarating journey. Some beats are like sonic adventures, propelling the listener into uncharted territories of rhythm, while others are melodic revelations, inviting introspection and immersion into the emotive depth of sound. "Coloured King Chapter 3" is a testament to DJ Father's ability to craft an album that is not only heard but felt, an immersive experience where beats and melodies unite in a breathtaking dance.

This album is more than an auditory delight; it's an invitation to explore the kaleidoscope of sound. DJ Father beckons you to let the beats electrify your senses and the melodies elevate your emotions. "Coloured King Chapter 3" is an album that transcends musical norms, offering a sonic adventure where beats and melodies converge in a pulsating celebration of DJ Father's artistic prowess.

Prepare to be captivated, moved, and energized by the mind-blowing sounds of "Coloured King Chapter 3." DJ Father's album is a testament to the limitless possibilities of sound, where beats are the heartbeat of innovation, melodies are the whispers of creativity, and every track is a mind-blowing chapter in the ever-evolving sonic saga.


  1. DJ Father – Deep In The West
  2. DJ Father – Connect
  3. DJ Father – Wicked ft Skidim & Zol
  4. DJ Father – Speciality ft. Skidim & Zol
  5. DJ Father – Progress ft. Skidim & Zol
  6. DJ Father – Personal
  7. DJ Father – TruPass ft. Skidim & Zol
  8. DJ Father – Journey
  9. DJ Father – Plot
  10. DJ Father – Prosper
  11. DJ Father – T Junction
  12. DJ Father – Come Closer
  13. DJ Father – Dipatje
  14. DJ Father – Ghuubu
  15. DJ Father – Jeje 3.0 ft. TNK MusiQ
  16. DJ Father – Asambe
  17. DJ Father – Sphere ft. RIVALZ, Djy Zan SA & Nandipha808
  18. DJ Father – Dreams ft. Djy Zan SA & Nandipha808
  19. DJ Father – VTSEK
  20. DJ Father – Word4Word
  21. DJ Father – You Feel Me

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