DJ Givy Baby – The Gift Of Music Album Download

Step into the electrifying realm of DJ Givy Baby's 'The Gift Of Music' album, where each track is a carefully crafted sonic present, waiting to be unwrapped by your eager ears. This album is not merely a collection of beats; it's a musical treasure trove, a gift bestowed upon listeners, adorned with rhythmic ribbons and melodic bows that captivate the senses.

From the first note, 'The Gift Of Music' weaves a spellbinding tapestry of sounds, where DJ Givy Baby's artistic prowess takes center stage. The beats are an eclectic array of grooves, ranging from infectious dance rhythms to soul-stirring melodies that resonate deep within. This album is a musical journey, a sonic expedition through the diverse landscapes of genre and emotion.

As you delve into each track, the album unfolds like a series of surprises. Some beats are like a burst of confetti, celebrating the joy of rhythm, while others are like a velvet ribbon, wrapping you in the warmth of melodic embrace. DJ Givy Baby's expert curation creates a symphony of sound, where every track is a unique chapter in this musical gift.

'The Gift Of Music' is not just an album; it's an auditory present that invites you to unwrap the layers of sonic delight. DJ Givy Baby's eclectic mix of beats and melodies is a testament to the universal language of music, transcending boundaries and inviting listeners to revel in the joyous experience of sound.

Prepare to be enchanted, surprised, and ultimately moved by 'The Gift Of Music.' DJ Givy Baby's album is more than a collection of tracks; it's a heartfelt offering to music enthusiasts, a reminder of the transformative power of melody and rhythm. So, unwrap the gift, let the beats guide you, and allow yourself to be immersed in the sonic wonder that is 'The Gift Of Music.'


  1. DJ Givy Baby & Makhanj – Akekho (feat. Shino Kikai)
  2. DJ Givy Baby, Bassie & DeSoul – Nguwe (feat. Frank Mabeat)
  3. DJ Givy Baby – Sondela (feat. Maline Aura & Dr Thulz)
  4. DJ Givy Baby – Jaiva Nabo (feat. Fiso el Musica, LeeMcKrazy & Don Groovy)
  5. DJ Givy Baby & Sir Trill – Gcwele nge Piano (feat. Qbic & Springle)
  6. DJ Givy Baby – Wena Dali (feat. Baby S.O.N, Yumbs & Stixx)
  7. DJ Givy Baby – Ang’funi Ukudakwa (feat. Sir Trill, Fiso el Musica & Blissful Sax)
  8. DJ Givy Baby, Sir Trill & Dinky Kunene – Buya
  9. DJ Givy Baby & Maline Aura – Moyizela (feat. Aura, Qbic & Springle)
  10. DJ Givy Baby, Nkosazana Daughter & Soa Mattrix – Inhliziyo
  11. DJ Givy Baby & Sir Trill – Mama (feat. Bello & Tracy)
  12. DJ Givy Baby – One Day (feat. Baby S.O.N, Yumbs & Stixx)
  13. DJ Givy Baby – Kancane (feat. Tracy, Bello & Philharmonic)
  14. DJ Givy Baby – Oh Nkosi Yami (feat. TRA, Springle & Mydowa)
  15. DJ Givy Baby – Sgodiphola (feat. Sonini, LeeMcKrazy, Springle & T&T MuziQ)
  16. DJ Givy Baby – Umuhle (feat. LeeMcKrazy, Tracy, Papa Jay & T&T MuziQ)
  17. DJ Givy Baby – Ama Million (feat. Sonini, Pushkin, Mydowa & Kozzi)

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