UndergroundKings – The World Of King Tara 5 Album Download

"The World Of King Tara 5," an enthralling album meticulously crafted by UndergroundKings (DJ King Tara & Soulistic TJ). This album isn't just a collection of tracks; it's a sonic odyssey, where each beat is a step into the mysterious realms of King Tara's musical universe.

From the very first track, "The World Of King Tara 5" unfolds as a transcendent experience, with UndergroundKings as the sonic guide, leading listeners through a labyrinth of beats that pulse with an otherworldly energy. The melodies are like celestial echoes, weaving a tapestry of sound that transcends genres and immerses the audience in a cosmic symphony.

As you delve into the album, each track becomes a chapter in this hypnotic narrative. Some beats are like rhythmic portals, transporting the listener to sonic dimensions beyond the ordinary, while others are melodic constellations, guiding the journey through the celestial expanse of King Tara's musical universe. "The World Of King Tara 5" is a testament to UndergroundKings's ability to create an album that is not just heard but felt, inviting listeners to lose themselves in the intoxicating blend of beats and melodies.

This album is more than an auditory delight; it's an invitation to explore the uncharted territories of sound. UndergroundKings beckons you to let the beats envelop your senses and the melodies carry you into the astral planes of musical ecstasy. "The World Of King Tara 5" is an album that transcends the boundaries of conventional music, offering a sonic adventure where beats and melodies converge in a celestial dance.

Prepare to be mesmerized, uplifted, and transported to a realm where music transcends the ordinary. "The World Of King Tara 5" is UndergroundKings's sonic masterpiece, where beats are the cosmic pulses, melodies are the celestial whispers, and every track is a step into the enigmatic and captivating world of King Tara's musical mastery.


  1. UndergroundKings – Inkanyezi ft. Zani & Ncesh P
  2. UndergroundKings – Ufanele Mina ft. Zani & Ncesh P
  3. UndergroundKings – Holy Water ft. Hpee
  4. UndergroundKings – Sguy ft. Ntando, Leero Soul & Mk Soul
  5. UndergroundKings – Ntwana Yam ft. Ntando
  6. UndergroundKings – Mmino Wanga
  7. UndergroundKings – You Do It
  8. UndergroundKings – Future Elements
  9. UndergroundKings – Ngiyi Soldier ft. Amakhosi
  10. UndergroundKings – O'bhatata ft. Amakhosi
  11. UndergroundKings – Bittersweet
  12. UndergroundKings – Blue Skies
  13. UndergroundKings – Rough Dance
  14. UndergroundKings – Shikom
  15. UndergroundKings – Nazo
  16. UndergroundKings – Danger 3
  17. UndergroundKings – Sgujeje
  18. UndergroundKings – Top Gun
  19. UndergroundKings – Rebels
  20. UndergroundKings – Sweetsoul
  21. UndergroundKings – Godfather
  22. UndergroundKings – Holy Kings
  23. UndergroundKings – Sofa
  24. UndergroundKings – Death Wish
  25. UndergroundKings – Thriller
  26. UndergroundKings – Nako
  27. UndergroundKings – Venom
  28. UndergroundKings – Danger 2
  29. UndergroundKings – Uhambile ft. Mr Paper
  30. UndergroundKings – Body & Soul
  31. UndergroundKings – Maniac
  32. UndergroundKings – Revolution
  33. UndergroundKings – Rapture
  34. UndergroundKings – Hitlist ft. Dsax

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