DJ King Tara - The World Of King Tara 3 Album Download

DJ King Tara – The World Of King Tara 3


DJ King Tara – The World Of King Tara 3 Album Download.

Fans Favorite underground music producer, DJ King Tara has commissioned a new project, The World Of King Tara 3. The new album is the third in the series by the popular underground music producer.

The World Of King Tara follows the second installment which was released back in November 2020. The album contains a total of 10 songs and features appearances from popular names such as MDU aka TRP & Bongza and Soulistic.

Check it out below.


  1. DJ King Tara – Boyka (feat. Siya Mzizi)
  2. DJ King Tara – SizoPopa (feat. Siya Mzizi)
  3. DJ King Tara, MDU aka TRP & BONGZA – Soul Ties(Underground Musiq)
  4. DJ King Tara – Matured (feat. Siya Mzizi)
  5. DJ King Tara & Soulistic – Ngiyahamba (feat. Ursula & Siya Mzizi)
  6. DJ King Tara – Oxford (Tech Underground)
  7. DJ King Tara – Ngikhuzeni (feat. Siya Mzizi)
  8. DJ King Tara – Techno (Tech Underground)
  9. DJ King Tara – Core 48 56 (Dub Underground)
  10. DJ King Tara – Travels (Dark Underground)
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