Fiso El Musica Unveils “The Ancestral Calling” Album Tracklist

Fiso El Musica – The Ancestral Calling (2021) Album Tracklist

Every year, Fiso El Musica makes sure to bless his fans with good music. Last year the producer blessed fans with Sgubu Samapiano which was a compilation of back to back hits. This year the producer goes even harder on his new album, “The Ancestral Calling.” The Ancestral Calling album tracklist reveals that Fiso is ready to bless us with good tunes.


The new album will be released this Friday and Fiso has shared the tracklist with fans. The project features a total of 20 songs. The Ancestral Calling Album Tracklist features appearances from a lot of familiar names including, Soa Mattrix, LeeMcKrazy, Vinox MusiQ, Sims, Tracy, Dsax, Sego M, and many others.

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Check it out below.


  1. The Ancestral Calling (feat. Soa MAttrix, Sims, Tracy, LeeMCKrazy, Okuhle & Dsax)
  2. Kunaru (feat. LeeMcKrazy)
  3. Avenue Sessions Tribute
  4. Umuntu (feat. Tracy, Dax & Vinox MusiQ)
  5. Vat N Sit (feat. Tracy)
  6. Serenade (feat. Dsax)
  7. Africa Dorrow (feat. Sego M)
  8. Jabula (feat. Lungi)
  9. Selina (feat. LeeMcKrazy)
  10. Gong Gong (feat. Vinox MusiQ, Tracy & Dsax)
  11. Akbar (Main Mix)
  12. Inganono (feat. LeeMcKrazy & Slungeshi)
  13. Street FIghter (Gangstar MusiQ)
  14. Savanna (feat. Sims)
  15. Mamasekhaya (feat. Soa Mattrix, Sims, Tracy, LeeMcKrazy & Okuhle)
  16. Samsokolo (Main Mix)
  17. Mene Mene (feat. Sego M)
  18. Umthetho (Main Mix)
  19. Las Gado
  20. Yesss (feat. Slungesh)

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