Fiso El Musica And Thee Exclusives - Big And Small Vol 1 Album Download

Fiso El Musica & Thee Exclusives – Big And Small, Vol. 1


Fiso El Musica & Thee Exclusives – Big And Small Vol 1 Album Download.

Earlier this month, Fiso El Musica and Thee Exclusives dropped off a teaser EP which they tagged Song Covers. The project featured covers of some of their favorite songs. Apparently that was just a teaser as they have come through with something much bigger, a 17 track album which is tagged Big And Small, Volume 1.

The project is massive and comes as a surprise. It features 17 songs, and boasts of guest appearances from many big names including Dj Jaivane, Sinny Man Que, LeeMCKrazy, Hulumeni, Tracy, Sego M, Spizzy, DSax and many others.

Check it out below and enjoy your weekend.


  1. Fiso el Musica – Bavumile (feat. Sego M)
  2. Yobe (feat. Sinny Man Que & Tracy)
  3. Meadowlands (feat. LeeMcKrazy, Sinny Man Que & Tracy)
  4. Dlala Fiso (feat. Calvin Shaw)
  5. Sayitsheni (feat. LeeMckrazy)
  6. Big & Small (feat. Dsax)
  7. Teka (feat. DJ Jaivane)
  8. Mgijimi (feat. Spizzy & LeeMckrazy)
  9. Shame Us (feat. Sinny Man Que)
  10. Thandiwe (feat. Sims & LeeMckrazy)
  11. Zekethe (feat. Dsax)
  12. Inkani (feat. Hulumeni)
  13. The Black OG (Tribute Mix)
  14. Makhelwane (feat. LeeMcKrazy)
  15. Molo (feat. Spizzy & LeeMckrazy)
  16. Lengoma (feat. LeeMcKrazy & Tracy)
  17. Another Sunset Sax (feat. Elite Sax & Sinny Man Que)
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