Freddy K & Tyler ICU - Freddy VS Tyler Album Download (2022)

Freddy K & Tyler ICU – Freddy VS Tyler (Album)


Freddy K & Tyler ICU – Freddy VS Tyler Album Download

Freddy K & Tyler ICU – Freddy VS Tyler Album Download: The amazing and gifted South African producers, Freddy K & Tyler ICU have dropped their latest joint project which they termed “Freddy VS Tyler“.

The album is inspired by the 80’s – 90’s horror classics by Wes Craven; Nightmare on Elms Street and Friday The 13th which featured a clash between the villains from the two franchises.

Freddy Vs Tyler is the first project from either producers this year. The album got support from some notable vocalists and producers like Vigro Deep, Focalistic, Young Stunna, and a few more on it.

To mark the pre-order, the pair dropped a single, Live Nkwari last week Friday. The EP is available on all International markets as from 10th of June.


  1. Freddy K & Tyler ICU – Live Nkwari || Download Track
  2. Freddy K & Tyler ICU – Saka Lenna (ft. Murumba Pitch, Pushkin & Springle) // DOWNLOAD MP3
  3. Freddy K & Tyler ICU – Trip From Pheli To Mambisa // DOWNLOAD MP3
  4. Freddy K & Tyler ICU – Ashi Nthwela (ft. Focalistic) // DOWNLOAD MP3
  5. Freddy K & Tyler ICU – Abangcwele (ft. Kopoy Zukar & Bukeka) // DOWNLOAD MP3
  6. Freddy K & Tyler ICU – Empini (ft. Young Stunna) // DOWNLOAD MP3
  7. Freddy K & Tyler ICU – Run (ft. Vigro Deep) // DOWNLOAD MP3
  8. Freddy K & Tyler ICU – Ngilinde Wena (ft. TBO) // DOWNLOAD MP3
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