“I Am the Culoe De Song of AmaPiano” – Josiah De Disciple

Josiah De Disciple (Josiah Makoela) is undoubtedly one of the most prominent names in Amapiano. In a recent claim by the producer, he asserted that he can be likened to the Amapiano version of the popular Afro/House legend, Culoe De Song. Although this claim can up up for debate it is not far fetched.

Before going solo, Josiah was one half of the duo, Jazzi Disciples and as a group they released several astounding projects including their Disciples of Piano album which is my personal favorite of 2019. Ever since going solo Josiah’s popularity has soared high and has since released an album Spirits of Makoela and also a joint Ep with Boohle. Josiah’s stands out as one that interestingly captivates his listeners with his wonderful use of Piano chords.

Do you agree that Josiah De Disciple is the Culoe De Song of Amapiano?

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