Jaylokas – THE LOKII Album Download

JayLokas has arrived in full force with his highly anticipated album, “THE LOKII. With this release, JayLokas keeps solidifing his rise to prominence and cements his influence in the genre, showcasing his unique style and unwavering consistency.

'THE LOKII' album is a kaleidoscopic journey that defies musical boundaries and beckons you into a universe where every note is a stroke of artistic genius. This album isn't just a collection of tracks; it's a musical canvas where Jaylokas paints with beats and melodies, crafting a masterpiece that transcends conventional genres.

From the first track, 'THE LOKII' unfolds like a sonic tapestry, with Jaylokas as the avant-garde maestro leading the charge. The beats are an eclectic fusion, a rhythmic palette that blends genres with audacious flair, while the melodies are avant-garde strokes, creating a harmonious chaos that challenges the norm.

As you navigate through the album, each track is a chapter in this sonic odyssey. Some beats are like sonic brushstrokes, splashing vibrant colors across the auditory canvas, while others are melodic experiments, pushing the boundaries of conventional sound. 'THE LOKII' is a testament to Jaylokas' fearless experimentation, an album that invites you to abandon preconceptions and embrace the unpredictable beauty of musical innovation.

This album is not just an auditory experience; it's an invitation to witness the evolution of sound. Jaylokas beckons you to join the avant-garde movement, where beats are the rebellion, and melodies are the revolution. 'THE LOKII' is a sonic manifesto, a declaration that music is an ever-evolving art form, and Jaylokas is at the forefront of this exhilarating sonic revolution.

Prepare to be dazzled, intrigued, and liberated by 'THE LOKII.' Jaylokas' album is a sonic adventure, where beats are the guide, melodies are the revelations, and every track is a step into the uncharted territories of musical exploration. Let the music be your compass as you navigate the avant-garde wonders of 'THE LOKII'—where the only rule is there are no rules, and the beauty lies in the boldness of sonic expression.


  1. Jaylokas – Bonga Okuhle (feat. Menzi Soul, Leerosoul & Nkukza SA)
  2. JayLokas & Phemelo Saxer – So Saxy (feat. Kevin N)
  3. JayLokas & Stozee – Uxolo
  4. Jaylokas – Ahh
  5. JayLokas & Leerosoul – Asibe Siya
  6. Jaylokas – Techno 12 (feat. DJy Zan SA)
  7. Jaylokas – Blue Cheese (feat. Papi SA)
  8. Jaylokas – Thek’n Styles (feat. Musiqal Stylist)
  9. Jaylokas – Na Lokii (feat. F3 Dipapa)
  10. JayLokas & DJy Zan SA – Pioneers
  11. JayLokas & Pcee – Ebandayo (feat. Toss)
  12. Jaylokas – Ta Beanie

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