Josiah De Disciple - Satori Album Download

Prepare to embark on a transformative musical journey with "Satori," the mesmerizing new album from the visionary artist Josiah De Disciple. Named after the Japanese term for sudden enlightenment or awakening, "Satori" invites listeners to transcend the ordinary and explore the depths of their consciousness through the power of music.

With each track on the album, Josiah De Disciple takes listeners on a sonic exploration of the inner self, blending hypnotic rhythms, ethereal melodies, and soul-stirring harmonies to create an immersive listening experience like no other. From the meditative tranquility of "Zen Garden" to the exhilarating energy of "Euphoria," each song is a reflection of the artist's quest for spiritual enlightenment.

As you lose yourself in the enchanting sounds of "Satori," allow yourself to be swept away by the waves of emotion and introspection that wash over you. Whether you're seeking solace in quiet reflection or embracing the joy of newfound freedom, "Satori" offers a sanctuary for the soul in a chaotic world.

Key Features:

  • A journey of self-discovery and spiritual awakening through music.
  • Hypnotic rhythms, ethereal melodies, and soul-stirring harmonies.
  • Perfect for moments of introspection, meditation, and relaxation.
  • An essential addition to any music collection for those seeking enlightenment through sound.
  • A testament to Josiah De Disciple's artistry and his ability to transport listeners to a higher plane of consciousness.


  1. Josiah De Disciple – Mesiya (feat. Nobuhle, Nue Sam & Jay Sax)
  2. Josiah De Disciple & Ntokzin – Buyani (feat. Toshi)
  3. Josiah De Disciple & Da Muziqal Chef – Mina (feat. MaZet SA)
  4. Josiah De Disciple – Isililo (feat. Nobuhle)
  5. Josiah De Disciple – Memeza (feat. Khanya De Vocalist & KingTalkzin)
  6. Josiah De Disciple & Buhlebendalo – Cwaka
  7. Josiah De Disciple & Omit ST – Show Me (feat. Murumba Pitch & Lioness Ratang)
  8. Josiah De Disciple & JanDeKid – Khetheyakho (feat. Teejay, Emoji SA & Nomtha Welanga)
  9. Josiah De Disciple – iNtombi (feat. Maline Aura)
  10. Josiah De Disciple – Hamba ne Dlozi (feat. HENNYBELIT)
  11. Josiah De Disciple, Stixx & Soul Jam – Wena K’phela (feat. Leandra.Vert)
  12. Josiah De Disciple & Jimmy Dludlu – Winds Of Change
  13. Josiah De Disciple – Guitar Dance (feat. Thami Gtr, Zwayetoven & Sfarzo Rtee)
  14. Josiah De Disciple – The Breeze (feat. Joshinho & Soul Jam)
  15. Josiah De Disciple & Stixx – Nonthuthuzelo (feat. HENNYBELIT & Zwayetoven)
  16. Josiah De Disciple & Stixx – Kuzoba Ncono (feat. Leandra.Vert & Soul Jam)

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