Kabza De Small Has Bought 5 Cars, and a R5 Million House Since He Started Working With DJ Maphorisa

In this industry people are always gonna talk about you when you get popular. It’s the reality and a fate that many famous names have to endure. Ever since the Scorpion Kings was formed and Kabza De Small and DJ Maphorisa began to run things in the industry, people began thinking and saying that DJ Maphorisa was leeching on Kabza.

No doubt Kabza De Small is extremely talented, and he is truly a piano master. But let’s not forget that before DJ Maphorisa met Kabza he had already dominated and conquered the music space in SA, as DJ Maphorisa, and before that as part of Uhuru. So in part, DJ Maphorisa had all the experience that Kabza De Small lacked. In a recent tweet, DJ Maphorisa rebuffed the idea that he was leaching on Kabza, talking about the tremendous progress that Kabza has made since he started working with him.

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Check out the statement below.

When i say Madumane ke Ghost I mean it 5 cars n a 5 million house its been wat 3 years now working together
Visionary Ke Piano.

DJ Maphorisa

What do you think? Is DJ Maphorisa right or wrong? Check out the photos of Kabza’s fleet and house below.

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