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Kabza De Small – I Am the King of Amapiano: Sweet & Dust


Kabza De Small, I Am the King of Amapiano: Sweet & Dust Album Zip Download

Kabza De Small – I Am the King of Amapiano: Sweet & Dust. Less than a month after their announcement, Kabza De Small has finally released his highly anticipated 2020 album titled “I Am the King of Amapiano: Sweet & Dust”. Not many men can lord over an entire genre of music the way Kabelo Motha has done Amapiano. Maybe a style, maybe a city, perhaps a locality. But what Kabza De Small has achieved in less than a decade total and utter dominance. With the launch of his latest album, Kabza De Small has once again proven to the world that he is indeed the undisputed Emperor of Amapiano.

The album comes in a two part shape, Sweet & Dust, each having 15 and 12 tracks respectively, and bringing the tracklist to a total of 27 songs. Lengthy albums are sort of a thing with the genre as many albums, Eps and projects come with tracklists stretching into double digits. The album features a wide variety of artists both local and international. Most notable on the album are first timers, Wizkid and Burna Boy. The award winning artists collaborated with Kabza on the song, Sponono, and as we all hoped and expected it made the cut for the album. Other artists featured on I Am the King of Amapiano: Sweet & Dust include, Daliwonga, Focalistic, ShaSha, Nia Pearl, Vyno Miller, MDU aka TRP, Howard, Samthing Soweto, Kelvin Momo and many more.

Check out the album below.



  1. Kabza De Small – Sthandwa (feat. Tyler ICU & Nicole Elocin)
  2. Kabza De Small – Buyile (feat. Madumane, Daliwonga & Nia Pearl)
  3. Kabza De Small – Sponono (feat. Wizkid, Burna Boy, Cassper Nyovest & Madumane)
  4. Kabza De Small – Thinking About You (feat. Mlindo The Vocalist)
  5. Kabza De Small – Nia Lo (feat. Nia Pearl)
  6. Kabza De Small – Wena (feat. Howard, Nia Pearl & Daliwonga)
  7. Kabza De Small – Duze (feat. Samthing Soweto)
  8. Kabza De Small – Need You Tonight (feat. Wizkid)
  9. Kabza De Small – Ndofaya (feat. Daliwonga)
  10. Kabza De Small – Indoni Yamnzi (feat. Daliwonga, Nia Pearl & Bongza)
  11. Kabza De Small – Why Ngikufela (feat. Shasha & Madumane)
  12. Kabza De Small – Impilo (feat. Kelvin Momo & Kopzz Avenue)
  13. Kabza De Small – Mapiano Blues (feat. Howard & XolaniGuitars)
  14. Kabza De Small – Many Faces (feat. Howard & XolaniGuitars)
  15. Kabza De Small – Blow My Mind (feat. George Lesley & Earl W. Green)
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  1. Kabza De Small – iLog Drum (feat. Daliwonga)
  2. Kabza De Small – Masupa (feat. Focalistic, Madumane & Bongza)
  3. Kabza De Small – Ipiano (feat. Daliwonga & MDU aka TRP)
  4. Kabza De Small – Qula (feat. Daliwonga & XolaniGuitars)
  5. Kabza De Small – Dlala (feat. Vyno Miller)
  6. Kabza De Small – Dust (feat. Leehleza & Focalistic)
  7. Kabza De Small – Rabu Chupa (feat. Focalistic)
  8. Kabza De Small – Sam Sokolo (feat. Vyno Miller & Bontle Smith)
  9. Kabza De Small – Balanc’ise (feat. Daliwonga)
  10. Kabza De Small – Into Yellow (feat. Daliwonga)
  11. Kabza De Small – iZolo (feat. Nia Pearl)
  12. Kabza De Small – Jwaleng (feat. Buckz)

Kabza De Small – I Am the King of Amapiano

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