List of Producers & Artists Signed To Simnandi Records

List of Producers & Artists Signed To Simnandi Records

Simnandi Records Artists & Producers.

Simnandi Records is the foremost Record Label when it comes to Amapiano. The label is only rivaled by Piano Hub, owned by Kabza De Small. The CEO of Simnandi Records is Dj Jaivane. Below is a list of Producers and Artists signed to Simnandi records.


1. Amu classic & Kappie

List of Simnandi Records Producers; Amuclassic & Tribesoul

Amu Classic & Kappie were among the first to be signed to Simnandi Records. They were signed together with Thuske SA under the brand, ATK Musiq. They are by far the most consistent and most popular producers in the label. Although ATK Musiq is now defunct and Thuske SA has departed the label, Amu Classic & Kappie still remain under the Simnandi Roaster.

2. J & S Projects

List of Simnandi Records Producers; J & S Projects

In contrast to Amu Classic & Kappie, J & S Projects are one of the new comers into the label. The group is made up of JazziQ DG and Shakes Avenue. Before coming together as a team, the had both been producing music individually and amassing popularity.

Since their officially signing into Simnandi Records, they have released some huge hits such as Forever Yours (Deeper Mix).

3. Muziqal Tone

List of Simnandi Records Producers; Muziqal Tone

Muziqal Tone is one of the favorite solo producers doing Amapiano in Simnandi Records. Over the years his music which is a combination of soulful sounds and tech has endeared him to fans.

Some of his recent hits include, iLanga Lingashona, Mfazi WePhepha and Beke Le Beke.

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4. Tribesoul

List of Simnandi Records Producers; Tribesoul

Tribesoul is another talented producer who is versatile and can create techy piano records with a soulful touch. He has an eclectic array of soundscapes, all packed with distorted and hefty baselines carefully arranged for a delightful listening experience.

He became a member of the Simnandi Records in August after signing an exclusive deal with DJ jaivane.

5. Spizzy

List of Simnandi Records Producers; Spizzy

Initially signed as a replacement for Slenda Vocals, Spizzy has become one of the most instrumental parts of the label and their music business. The vocalist as now become the lead when it comes to placing the right vocals on Simnandi productions.

6. Lee Mckrazy

List of Simnandi Records Producers; Lee McKrazy

Lee Mckrazy is a vocalist with an amazing array of bangers. His tracks are known to be tasteful and packed with meaning lyrics that usually have listeners craving for more.

In August 2021, he became an official member of the Simnandi records.

7. Sinny Man’Que

List of Simnandi Records Producers; Sinny Man'Que

Signed in March 2021, Sinny Man’Que is one of the most promising talents on the roaster. His unique Oxford Sound has made him very popular with Amapiano fans.

He was very instrumental in the production of the July Birthday Mix compiled by Dj Jaivane appearing in more than half of the album’s songs.

8. Djy Jaivane

Dj Jaivane – 30 Mins With Simnandi Records 2 (Live Recorded Mix) amapiano

Popularly known as the Mr Private School Piano. DJ jaivane is the CEO of Simnandi Records.

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