List of Producers/Artists Signed Under Black Is Brown Entertainment – Amapiano MP3 Download

Black is Brown Entertainment stands tall as one of South Africa's premier record labels. The brainchild of Mr. JazziQ, this label has been making waves in the music industry, not only by producing hit after hit but also by nurturing emerging talent. Mr. JazziQ, the visionary owner of 'Black is Brown,' has solidified his position as a pioneer in South African music. He's been at the forefront of pushing the Amapiano sound beyond its traditional boundaries and captivating audiences worldwide with his infectious beats.

Mr JazziQ began Black Is Brown following his departure from the now defunct JazziDisciples which was made up of JazziQ and Josiah De Disciples. As a duo, the two were one of Amapiano's pioneers and were probably one of the best in the game.

The label's journey began officially with their first mixtape compilation, Black Is Brown Compilation Vol 1. This album served as an introduction and also showcased the fresh talent and new music that resonates with the streets, the culture, and the masses. Notable tracks like 'Sharker Smart' by Mr. Jazziq, Djy Ma’Ten, and M.J., along with guest appearances from artists like Mellow, Sleazy, and Sizwe Alakine, exemplified the label's commitment to supporting young talent.

Black is Brown Entertainment has left a mark on the industry, delivering not just chart-toppers but also unforgettable hits.

As for the label's future, Mr. JazziQ envisions a global presence, stating specifically that he intends to turn Black is Brown Entertainment into the biggest label in the world, not just the biggest in South Africa, but the biggest worldwide. This ambition reflects the label's dedication to making a significant mark on the global music landscape further showcased by the label's second compilation album, Black Is Brown Compilation Vol 2.

Moreover, Black is Brown Entertainment has expanded its horizons by signing strategic deals with renowned record labels like Sonny Music.

Black is Brown Entertainment is on all social media platforms as blackisbrown_ent.

Mr. JazziQ (The Amapiano Maestro)

List of Producers/Artists Signed Under Black Is Brown Entertainment – Amapiano MP3 Download

Hailing from the vibrant township of Alexandra in South Africa, Tumelo Manyoni, professionally known as Mr. JazziQ, has made a name for himself as a prominent figure in the Amapiano subgenre. His remarkable talent lies in his ability to craft cutting-edge sounds that resonate with fans far and wide. 

What sets Mr. JazziQ's music apart is the hypnotic rhythm, intricate beats, and infectious melodies that keep enthusiasts on their feet, dancing to the sounds he produces. Each note, and each composition bears witness to the dedication and passion he infuses into his craft.

Mr. JazziQ has the extraordinary gift of blending traditional South African sounds with contemporary electronic beats, resulting in a sound that is uniquely his own. The emotional depth and vitality in his music are evident, a testament to an artist who pours his heart and soul into every note.

Beyond the grooves and melodies, Mr. JazziQ's music is a bridge that transcends cultural boundaries. It unites people, creating a devoted fanbase not only in South Africa but across the globe. His pioneering approach to the Amapiano subgenre has captivated listeners worldwide, and he shows no signs of slowing down.

Mr. JazziQ's journey to fame began as one half of the dynamic duo known as JazziDisciples, a South African DJ/producer duo. They played a pivotal role in propelling Amapiano from the townships to the mainstream, alongside luminaries like DJ Maphorisa, Kabza De Small, and MFR Souls. Starting their journey by DJing in Alexandra, they quickly expanded their reach to places like Thembisa and Soweto. Their strategic move of recording their gigs, introducing new tracks into their sets, and sharing them on various social media platforms became instrumental in building anticipation for their music. Tracks like "Ara'Robala" and "Mogwasha" (2018) garnered massive streaming numbers, elevating their status.

Mr. JazziQ's influences draw from the rich tapestry of South African house music legends, including Oskido, Shimza, Culoe Da Song, and Black Coffee. His solo sound, which he has been meticulously crafting since 2020, is noted for its commercial appeal, designed to evoke instant responses from listeners—whether it's for singing along, dancing, or unwinding.

The debut EP, "0303," released in 2020, emerged as one of the year's standout successes, amassing more than three million streams by March 2021. Throughout the past year, Mr. JazziQ contributed to some of the biggest Amapiano hits, including tracks like "VSOP," "Umsebenzi Wethu," "Zlele," "GUPTA," "Catalia," "Sithi Sithi," "Woza," "Dakiwe," and many more.

Mr. JazziQ is an exceptionally active presence on social media, boasting a substantial following. With over 2.6 million followers on Facebook and a remarkable 1.8 million followers on both Instagram and TikTok, he has garnered a massive online audience.

You can find him on Instagram and TikTok under the handle mrjazziq, on Facebook as Mr. JazziQ, and on X as MrJazziQ. His engaging content and vibrant online community make him a prominent figure in the world of social media.

In the same musical realm shaped by Mr. JazziQ, let's now turn our attention to the talents that have found a home under the Black is Brown Entertainment banner. Here are a list of Producers and artist signed by Mr. JassiQ under the Black is Brown record label:

F3 Dipapa

List of Producers/Artists Signed Under Black Is Brown Entertainment – Amapiano MP3 Download

George Modikwe, known by his stage name F3 Dipapa, is a multi-talented artist and musical genius hailing from Kagiso Westrand. He wears multiple hats, seamlessly transitioning between roles as a deep house vinyl spinner, a producer, a songwriter, and, of course, a rapper. F3 Dipapa's musical palette is a fusion of old-school funk, kwaito, hip-hop, and house, resulting in a unique and captivating sound that transcends genres.

F3 Dipapa's journey in the music industry began as a club DJ, gracing local venues with his skills. He initially signed with the independent record label and production house, Mawaza ENT Productions, marking his first foray into the world of music. However, his path would soon lead him to new horizons.

He is now proudly associated with Black is Brown Entertainment, one of South Africa's premier record labels, where he has been a member since the label's early days, alongside Mr. JazziQ. Together, they have played a pivotal role in shaping the label's identity and impact on the music scene.

F3 Dipapa's music brings a fresh perspective to the Amapiano sound, elevating it to new heights. His vast knowledge of music and production is the driving force behind this evolution. In this exciting phase of his career, he is ready to take the music sphere by storm, pushing the boundaries of his craft.

When it comes to his musical influences, F3 Dipapa draws inspiration from a diverse array of artists, including legendary figures like Fela Kuti, Chico Thwala, Brenda Fassie, the late Brown Dash, Trompies, Alaska, and Lebo Mathosa, among others. This rich blend of influences enriches his music and sets him apart as a truly distinctive artist.

F3 Dipapa has garnered a dedicated following with a collection of top tracks that have become fan favorites. His well-known songs, including "Goba feat. Zan'Ten," "Go Monate feat. Kay Invictus & Lemaza," and "Nyash feat. Djy Biza & Soul Revolver," are celebrated for their energetic rhythms and irresistible melodies that make people want to dance.

Notable among his tracks is "Ovayile vele feat. Djy Biza & Soul Revolver," a hit that seamlessly fuses electronic and Amapiano elements, creating a sound that's both uplifting and energizing, making it a popular choice for events and parties.

In the electronic and Amapiano genres, F3 Dipapa has collaborated with a wide array of musicians, resulting in several successful group projects. His willingness to explore new sounds and work with diverse artists has set him apart as a creative force in the industry.

F3 Dipapa's social media presence is also noteworthy, with 1.4k subscribers on YouTube, 23.1k followers on Instagram, 36.6k followers on TikTok, and 67.1k followers on Facebook. You can connect with him on social media via his handle: [Social Media Handle: f3dipapa].

In the ever-evolving world of Amapiano and electronic music, F3 Dipapa is a true musical maven. His distinct sound and infectious beats have won the hearts of many, and his journey is far from over. Expect more outstanding music and exciting collaborations from this talented artist in the years to come.

Kay Invictus

List of Producers/Artists Signed Under Black Is Brown Entertainment – Amapiano MP3 Download

Kabelo Pooe, known by his stage name Kay Invictus, is a South African artist and DJ hailing from Alexandra Township in Johannesburg. His musical journey, which began in 2015, has witnessed a remarkable transformation from producing Afro deep to embracing the Amapiano genre.

Kay Invictus made a significant entry into the music scene with his track "Halala," a testament to his diverse musical talent. His passion for music runs deep, inspired by his family, especially his record-collecting father and a DJ uncle. His music marries elements of house and techno to create a distinctive, exciting, and seductive sound.

In 2021, Kay Invictus joined the ranks of Black Is Brown Entertainment, a strategic move to showcase his talent and expand his brand. The following year, in 2022, he unveiled an eight-track EP titled "0202." This EP, a collection of songs, serves as a showcase of his unique style and creative prowess.

The opening track of the EP, "Fading Lights," immediately captures attention with its haunting melody and powerful basslines. "Lost in Time," the second track, takes a more upbeat and cheerful turn, beckoning listeners to dance with its catchy rhythm. The EP's closing piece, "Echoes of Tomorrow," delivers a melancholic and reflective vibe while maintaining Kay Invictus's distinctive sound.

"0202 EP (2022)" is a significant addition to Kay Invictus's portfolio, demonstrating his range as a musician and his ability to craft music that is both engaging and invigorating.

Kay Invictus has left an indelible mark in the South African electronic and dance music scene with several well-received songs. "Tshepi" stands out as one of his best tracks, characterized by its hypnotic and alluring sound. Another notable song is "Nkosi Sikelela," featuring Azi, Papi, and Boontle SA, which combines contemporary electronic music with African rhythms.

For those looking to hit the dance floor, "Go Monate," a high-energy track featuring Kay Invictus and Lemaza, is an ideal choice. "Universe" creates a serene and unhurried atmosphere, while "My Guitar" boasts a delightful guitar melody and an infectious tempo.

"Ama Bozza," featuring Sizwe Alakine, M.J., and Ugene, conveys a powerful message of self-loyalty and determination. "Mokete," featuring F3 Dipapa and Lemaza, ignites any party with its energetic and vibrant composition. "Seroba" is a fast-paced track featuring Djy Biza, guaranteed to get everyone on their feet.

"Ancestral Chant" by Kay Invictus fuses traditional African sounds with contemporary electronic music. Finally, "uThanda Bani," featuring Ugene and Sinovuyo, is a beautiful and emotive track, showcasing his ability to produce a compelling and moving sound.

Kay Invictus has collaborated with a range of musicians, including Mr. JazziQ, Vic_typhoon, and Mellow & Sleazy. These collaborations, such as "Tshepi" and "Nkosi Sikelela (feat. Azi, Papi & Boontle SA)," showcase Kay Invictus's skill in crafting infectious beats while infusing each song with a unique style.

In conclusion, Kay Invictus is a distinctive and accomplished musician, known for his seamless fusion of traditional African sounds with contemporary electronic music. His ability to craft hypnotic and alluring tunes has garnered him a global fanbase. With 8.1k followers on Instagram and 1.8k followers on Facebook, Kay Invictus continues to captivate music enthusiasts worldwide.

You can connect with Kay Invictus on social media:

Instagram: @kay_invictus

Twitter: @KayInvictus

TikTok: kay.invictus

Djy Biza

List of Producers/Artists Signed Under Black Is Brown Entertainment – Amapiano MP3 Download

Kgosietsile Kalakgosi, better known as Djy Biza is a South African DJ, producer in Amapiano music scene. What sets Djy Biza apart is not just his musical prowess but also his association with Mr. JazziQ's Black Is Brown record label, where he has flourished as one of the label's proteges.

Djy Biza's journey into the world of music was driven by an unwavering love for the art. He's a musician with a deep-seated desire to bring fresh, innovative sounds to people's ears. Notably, he's recognized for his numerous collaborations with Djy Zan SA, which have created a buzz in the music scene.

The influences that have shaped Djy Biza's musical style include artists like Anomalie, J Dilla, and Mdu a.k.a TRP. These inspirations have contributed to his distinctive approach to music composition, fusing various genres and traditional African instruments into his sound.

Djy Biza's creative brilliance is evident in some of the most iconic electronic and Amapiano tracks he has co-produced with fellow musicians. Collaborations such as "Century" with Konka, "Bafo (feat. Sizwe Alakine, K-Zaka, Djy Ma'Ten, Djy Zan SA, Djy Biza & M.J)" with Mr. JazziQ, Sizwe Alakine, K-Zaka, Djy Ma'Ten, and "Pandemic (feat. Sizwe Alakine, Djy Zan SA & Djy Ma'Ten)" with Mr. JazziQ, Sizwe Alakine, and Djy Ma'Ten have left an indelible mark in the electronic music landscape.

List of Producers/Artists Signed Under Black Is Brown Entertainment – Amapiano MP3 Download

Some of Djy Biza's notable solo works include tracks like "Hade," featuring Mellow & Sleazy and Dinky Kunene, and "Jeke Maan," which includes contributions from Malemon, Djy Biza, and 10x Guluva. These songs showcase Biza's remarkable ability to blend various genres into a unique sound.

"Bafa," a collaborative masterpiece featuring Sizwe Alakine, K-Zaka, Djy Ma'Ten, Djy Zan SA, Djy Biza, and M.J., is another track that stands out. It seamlessly weaves electronic beats with indigenous South African sounds, reflecting Djy Biza's gift for pushing boundaries.

In addition to his collaborations, Djy Biza's versatility as a musician is evident in tracks like "Myztro wadi IceTropez," featuring Daliwonga, Shaunmusiq, and Fteearse, and "Sgijardi," co-produced with Sjava De Deejay. The songs "Nyash," with Djy Biza and Soul Revolver, and "Paradise," in collaboration with JaySax and Djy Biza, demonstrate his capacity to fuse genres and create a distinctive sound.

In summary, Djy Biza is a gifted South African musician specializing in Electronic and Amapiano music. He is celebrated for his avant-garde approach and moving compositions. With a distinctive sound, great DJ skills, and a devoted fan following, Djy Biza has firmly established himself in the realm of electronic music and is poised for continued success. The artist has amassed 26.4k followers on instagram, 12.2k followers on TikTok, and 27.6k followers on facebook.

You can connect with Djy Biza on social media:

Instagram: @djybiza_t.p.m

TikTok: @djy_biza

Facebook: Djy Biza

Tsiki XII (Entity MusiQ)

List of Producers/Artists Signed Under Black Is Brown Entertainment – Amapiano MP3 Download

Reinett Kwapeng, who goes by the stage name Tsiki XII, is a versatile Amapiano and Kwaito producer and DJ from South Africa. He is proudly signed under Black Is Brown Entertainment. Tsiki XII's journey in the music industry has been characterized by his solo career and a steady release of original tracks and remixes.

Tsiki XII initially started as a member of Entity MusiQ until 2020 when he decided to venture solo. Since then, he has been consistently dropping captivating originals and remixes. Notably, he gained acclaim with the piano hit single "Bheka Mina Ngedwa," which featured collaborations with Lady Du, Khanyisa Jaceni, and Marcus MC.

Entity MusiQ, where Tsiki XII began, was originally a three-member group, also including Fiso El Musica and Thabang as founding members. However, due to a disagreement in 2019, Fiso El Musica left the group, leaving Thabang and Tsiki XII to carry the Entity MusiQ brand. Recently, it was discovered that Tsiki XII was no longer a member of the group.

In 2022, Tsiki XII released two fresh tracks. "Mazivuleke (feat. Mshengu no Tata)" is a jovial, dance-worthy song that artfully combines electronic and Amapiano elements. It stands out with its use of traditional African instruments and rhythms, giving it a unique flavor within the electronic music landscape.

On the other hand, "Intsimbi Edlezinye (feat. M.J, F3 Dipapa & Toss)" offers a more relaxed vibe. It features a blend of Amapiano and electronic beats in a slower-paced composition, creating a calming effect. The inclusion of traditional African vocals and melodies adds depth to the track.

Tsiki XII has collaborated with various talented musicians, and two standout collaborations are "Farasi" with Mr. JazziQ and "Mazivuleke" with Mshengu No Tata.

The popular single "Farasi" is a seamless fusion of Tsiki XII's unique electronic music style and Mr. JazziQ's renowned Amapiano beats. This collaboration has garnered significant attention and popularity, showcasing Tsiki XII's ability to blend these two distinct musical styles.

Another exceptional collaboration is "Mazivuleke" featuring Mshengu No Tata. The track's energetic pace is sure to get people dancing, and it successfully combines elements from both genres, appealing to fans of electronic and Amapiano music.

In summary, Tsiki XII's collaboration with Mr. JazziQ and Mshengu No Tata has propelled him to greater recognition in the electronic and Amapiano music scenes. With 22.9k followers on Instagram and 10.2k followers on Facebook, Tsiki XII continues to captivate a broad and enthusiastic audience.

You can connect with Tsiki XII on social media:

Instagram and TikTok: @tsiki_xii

Twitter: @TsikiXii

Facebook: Tsiki Xii


List of Producers/Artists Signed Under Black Is Brown Entertainment – Amapiano MP3 Download

Justin99, also known as Justin King, is a multi-talented South African artist signed under the Black is Brown label. He's known for his energetic and surprising performances, earning him the title "King of Amapiano genre." Justin99 is a versatile producer, artist, DJ, and vocalist with an international presence and the popular slogan "Black is Brown Artist."

His journey into the music industry took off when his friend Frost, whose video featured one of Justin99's songs, caught the attention of Mr. JazziQ. Impressed by his music, Mr. JazziQ signed him to the label. Justin99's passion for music ultimately led him to focus on his music career, despite having considered a career as a professional soccer player.

Justin99's venture into Amapiano music began in 2019, inspired by the success of artists like Kabza De Small and the Yanos. He transitioned from making trap music to fully embracing Amapiano, becoming an integral member of the Black Is Brown family.

In April 2022, Justin99 made his debut with the hit song "Chipi Ke Chipi," released under Sony Entertainment (Pty) Ltd. The song garnered over 10 million streams across various digital platforms, including Apple Music, Spotify, Boomplay, Google Music, and Audiomack. He has collaborated with numerous local and international artists, including Mellow & Sleavy, Mr. JassiQ, Star'Jazz, PCee, EeQue, Uncle Vinny, Yumbs, Tony Duardo, Uncle Waffles, Umthakathi Kush, 031CHOPPA, Icebeats Slides, and more.

Some of Justin99's well-known songs include "Hemba Naye" (2023), "Petrol" (2023), "Lotto" (2023), "Nconomajita" (2023), "Yahyuppiyah" (2023), "Piki Piki" (2023), "JazziQ Numba 1" (2022), "Zotata" (2022), "Mozambique" (2022), and "Chipi Ke Chipi" (2022).

With a strong social media presence, Justin99 boasts over 879.6k followers on TikTok and 224k followers on Instagram, where his handle is _.justin99.


List of Producers/Artists Signed Under Black Is Brown Entertainment – Amapiano MP3 Download

M.J is a celebrated vocalist known for delivering some of the most exciting Amapiano music in recent times. His music is characterized by fast-paced beats, intricate percussion, and infectious melodies. It's all about making people dance, feel energized, and celebrate the rich history of dance and rhythm in South Africa, where he finds his inspiration.

His electronic music is designed for clubs and gatherings, but its appeal stretches far and wide. People of all ages and backgrounds enjoy M.J's music for its irresistible rhythms and memorable tunes. Whether you're an electronic music enthusiast or just looking for something fresh and exciting to listen to, M.J's music is sure to get you moving and grooving.

M.J has been making waves in the electronic and Amapiano music scene with his recent album, "5am (2020)." This album showcases his talent for blending various electronic and Amapiano elements into a unique sound that's both danceable and introspective.

Some of his recent hits include "Baja Ko Pele (2023)," "Ufunani (2022)," "Gomora (feat. Lady Du, Tsiki XII, M.J., Nokwazi & F3 Dipapa) (2022)," and "Monate (2022)." These songs highlight his versatility and willingness to experiment with different sounds and styles. From the reflective "Ufunani" to the high-energy "Baja Ko Pele," M.J's music offers a diverse range of experiences.

Fans worldwide adore his music, and some of his most popular songs include "Khuza Gogo," "SJEPA," "Tsela Tse Nyane," and "Tabela Hape."

One of his best songs is "Abo Mvelo (feat. Mellow & Sleazy & M.J)," featuring stunning vocals and a nice tempo. Another excellent track is "10111 (feat. M.J., Djy Ma'Ten & Matute Boy)," which will make you want to dance with its superb production and faster beat.

M.J has collaborated with many artists to create some of the industry's most beloved songs. Notable collaborations include "Khuza Gogo" with Blaqnick, Mpura, and Focalistic and "Abo Mvelo" with Daliwonga and Mellow & Sleazy.

"Khuza Gogo" is a standout collaboration that fuses Amapiano and electronic music into a distinct and fan-favorite sound. It's catchy, upbeat, and showcases M.J's versatility and originality.

Another noteworthy collaboration is "Abo Mvelo," where M.J combines his electronic sound with the traditional Amapiano vibe, creating a unique and fresh sound that highlights his ability to work with others and produce something truly special.

M.J is a remarkable musician known for his Amapiano hits that get people moving. With 110k followers on Instagram and 13.7k followers on TikTok, you can join his music journey on social media.

Connect with M.J on social media:

Instagram: @m.j_za

TikTok: @m.j_za1

The Real Lemaza

List of Producers/Artists Signed Under Black Is Brown Entertainment – Amapiano MP3 Download

The Real Lemaza is a versatile artist celebrated for his vibrant big room style. He recently signed with Black is Brown Records after wowing audiences during a live performance stream.

Lemaza's music is all about irresistible rhythms and catchy melodies, drawing inspiration from jazz, soul, hip-hop, and house. He adds depth to his sound with traditional African instruments and rhythms while infusing it with a modern touch through electronic elements.

His lyrics touch on love, identity, and social justice, making his music inspiring and thought-provoking. Lemaza has become one of South Africa's exciting electronic and Amapiano artists thanks to his unique style and passionate approach to music.

One of his tracks, "Ghetto (2022)," is a hit that showcases his innovative style. This Amapiano-infused song highlights his avant-garde and creative music approach.

Lemaza's musical portfolio extends beyond "Ghetto (2022)." He's behind several Electronic and Amapiano gems that are gaining recognition. Standout tracks include "Ghetto," "Jazzi Numba 1 (feat. EeQue & Lemaza)," "Go Monate (feat. Kay Invictus & Lemaza," and "Nombolo - Re-Up."

"Jazzi Numba 1 (feat. EeQue & Lemaza)" is one of his well-known songs, fusing electronic and Amapiano sounds into a dynamic mix. EeQue's mellow vocals and Lemaza's energetic beats create a distinctive blend. Another hit, "Go Monate (feat. Kay Invictus & Lemaza)," will make you want to dance with its infectious groove.

The popular song "Nombolo - Re-Up" has seen numerous remixes. The original Amapiano track showcases Lemaza's signature sound. "Ghetto" explores the darker side of Amapiano with its haunting melody intensified by Lemaza's intense beats.

Lemaza has collaborated with fellow artists specializing in electronic and Amapiano. "Jazzi Numba 1" with EeQue and Lemaza, produced by Mr. JazziQ and Justin99, is a standout. Lemaza's distinctive vocals and EeQue's rap combine Amapiano and electronic elements. The song has over 300,000 views on YouTube.

List of Producers/Artists Signed Under Black Is Brown Entertainment – Amapiano MP3 Download

"Go Monate" with Kay Invictus and Lemaza, a creation by F3 Dipapa and Kay Invictus, is another notable collaboration. Lemaza's vocals beautifully complement Kay Invictus' rap in this lively Amapiano piece. With over 200,000 YouTube views, it's a dance floor favorite in South Africa.

Lemaza also contributed to "Nombolo - Re-Up" alongside Sizwe Alakine, Genesis 99, and Zan'Ten. The song's slower tempo and looser Amapiano sound get an infusion of soulfulness from Lemaza's vocals. On YouTube, it has received over 50,000 views.

Lastly, Lemaza's "Ghetto" collaboration with DJ Coach and Xduppy infuses an electronic vibe with heartwarming vocals from Lemaza. The song has received over 20,000 views on YouTube.

Lemaza has amassed over 15.5k follwers on Instagram and 20.7k followers on TikTok [Social Media Handle: @thereal_lemaza]

Djy Zan SA

List of Producers/Artists Signed Under Black Is Brown Entertainment – Amapiano MP3 Download

Djy Zan SA is a rising star in the South African music scene, hailing from Johannesburg. His unique blend of electronic beats and traditional African rhythms has quickly gained him a following.

His breakout hit "Century," featuring Fanarito, Konka & Kyika DeSoul, catapulted him into the limelight and earned him a spot under Mr JazziQ's wing. Djy Zan SA's musical journey was influenced by his love for old-school house music.

Some of his most popular tracks include "Century," "Bafo," "Wena Maan," and "Pandemic." "Century" is a cool Amapiano track with infectious beats, while "Bafo" is a lively song featuring a collaboration with Sizwe Alakine, K-Zaka, Djy Ma'Ten, Djy Biza, and M.J. "Wena Maan" offers a slower, soulful vibe, while "Pandemic" is a high-energy club banger.

Other notable tracks in Djy Zan SA's repertoire include "Mozambican Ghost - Radio Edit," "Areyeng," "One Nation," "Love-Less Dreams," "321," and "Bayagkhalela," each offering its own unique style and tempo.

Djy Zan SA's music extends beyond these hits, with albums like "King Of Havard Music (2021)" showcasing his ability to blend various genres seamlessly, creating an alluring sound.

His most recent single, "BDAY 2 (2023)," reflects his knack for crafting catchy yet profound music with his signature fusion of electronic sounds and Amapiano rhythms. Djy Zan SA continuously pushes musical boundaries, exploring novel sounds and aesthetics, ensuring his listeners always experience something fresh and innovative.

Djy Zan SA's collaborations with other artists have produced some of the most iconic electronic and amapiano tracks. Notable partnerships include "Century" with Konka, "Bafo" with Mr JazziQ, Sizwe Alakine, K-Zaka, Djy Ma'Ten, and M.J., "Pandemic" with Mr JazziQ, Sizwe Alakine, and Djy Ma'Ten, "Mozambican Ghost - Radio Edit" with Gento Bareto, and "Operation" with Dimtonic SA and Boontle RSA.

His collaboration on "Bafo" impressively showcases Djy Zan SA's skills, providing an exciting beat that harmonizes seamlessly with the other vocalists. "Pandemic" offers a relevant message and highlights his production abilities and distinctive sound.

Djy Zan SA has solidified his position in the electronic and amapiano music scene, creating enduring songs through his collaborations and shaping the genre's style. With an ever-growing following on social media, including 10.4k subscribers on YouTube, 15.9k followers on Facebook, 74.2k followers on Instagram, and 33.4k followers on TikTok, Djy Zan SA is making waves on the digital front. His social media handles are:

Instagram: djyzansa_

TikTok: djyzansa

Facebook: Djy ZanSa

Phoenix SA

List of Producers/Artists Signed Under Black Is Brown Entertainment – Amapiano MP3 Download

Phoenix SA is a young DJ and producer from Mahikeng, South Africa, known for his distinctive vocal skills. His journey into music began at a young age when his uncle introduced him to House music and virtual DJ software. He quickly made a name for himself in the music scene, collaborating with various producers and contributing to hit tracks. As a result, he caught the attention of Mr JazziQ, who signed him to Black is Brown records.

One of his notable achievements is the release of the EP "Brand New Me 2," which can be streamed and downloaded on platforms like SoundCloud and Audiomack. Phoenix SA is also featured on Mr JazziQ's "Black is Brown Compilation Vol. 1" in a track called "012," where he collaborates with Djy Zan SA and other talented artists.

Phoenix SA attributes much of his success to his uncle's early influence. You can find him on X (Twitter) and Instagram as @phoenix_sa_ and on TikTok as @therealphoenixsa.

Djy Ma’Ten 

List of Producers/Artists Signed Under Black Is Brown Entertainment – Amapiano MP3 Download

Djy Ma'Ten is a young and talented Amapiano producer and DJ who has made significant contributions to the ever-evolving Amapiano music landscape. He recently signed with Black is Brown Records, thanks to the recognition of his hard work by Mr JazziQ.

Some of his most popular songs include "10111," "Teka," "Hade," "Bafo," "Shaker Smart," "Malunde," "Bolaya," "Pandemic," "Do or Die," and "Processor." "10111" is a standout track featuring M.J, Djy Ma'Ten, and Matute Boy, known for its lively beats and captivating vocals, blending Amapiano and electronic elements. Another fan favorite is "Teka," a collaborative track with Mellow & Sleazy, celebrated for its catchy melody and upbeat vibe.

Djy Ma'Ten's versatility shines in songs like "Hade," featuring Dinky Kunene and Mellow & Sleazy, and "Bafo," with contributions from Sizwe Alakine, K-Zaka, Djy Ma'Ten, Djy Zan SA, Djy Biza, and M.J. Fans also love "Shaker Smart," a hit song by Mellow & Sleazy, Djy Ma'Ten, and M.J.

His track, "Malunde (2022)," is a testament to his musical talent, featuring pulsating beats and infectious melodies. "Hade (feat. Dinky Kunene & Mellow & Sleazy) (2022)" has gained recent popularity, showcasing Djy Ma'Ten's collaborative abilities with other talented musicians.

Djy Ma'Ten has collaborated with various artists, including Mr. JazziQ, Mellow & Sleazy, M.J, Dinky Kunene, Djy Biza, Sizwe Alakine, K-Zaka, and Djy Zan SA, to create some of his best compositions. Notable collaborations include "10111" and "Teka" with Mr JazziQ, Mellow & Sleazy, and M.J.You can follow Djy Ma'Ten on Instagram as @djy_maten, TikTok as @djy_MaTen, and on Facebook as Djy Ma Ten. He has 56.5k Instagram followers, 12.2k TikTok followers, and 9.8k Facebook followers.