Luu Nineeleven Umculo Wama Nothi

Luu Nineleven Announces New Album – Umculo Wama Nothi

Luu Nineleven Has Announced His New Album and Release Date.

Luu Nineleven showed himself strong with the release of Sima Tasa Tasa in 2019. However, since then, output of projects from the producer dried up. We have gotten a couple of impressive mixtapes via Heavenly Sounds Series and a few good loosies here and there. But we have craved a full body of work from Luu since we first heard Friends With Benefits. Today all that looks like it’s changing. Luu Nineleven has announced that he will release his new album, “Umculo Wama Nothi” on March 5th, that;s this FRIDAY!!!

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If Sima Tasa Tasa was as good as it was in the earlier days of Amapiano, you can only but imagine the kind of productions to expect on this new album. Everyone has been refining their sounds and Luu is not left out in that growth process. We have heard the growing changes as the Heavenly Sounds series continued to evolve.

Keep your eyes and ears ready for this FRIDAY!

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