Mathandos & Nvcho – This Is Us (Deluxe Edition) Album Download

Mathandos & Nvcho have arrived in full force with the Deluxe edition of their highly anticipated album, “This Is Us".

This Is Us (Deluxe Edition)," is a collaborative masterpiece by Mathandos & Nvcho. This album transcends musical boundaries, crafting a melodic narrative that captures the essence of shared experiences, diverse influences, and the intricate tapestry of human emotion.

From the very first note, "This Is Us" invites you into a world where beats and melodies intertwine in harmonious unity. Mathandos & Nvcho, like musical alchemists, blend genres seamlessly, creating a symphony that resonates with the ebb and flow of life. The beats are rhythmic chapters, each one echoing the heartbeat of shared moments, while the melodies are lyrical stories, weaving a narrative that transcends the limitations of language.

As you delve into the deluxe edition of the album, each track becomes a nuanced expression, a testament to the beauty found in diversity. Some beats are vibrant celebrations, echoing the joy of shared connections, while others are contemplative reflections, mirroring the complexities of the human experience. "This Is Us (Deluxe Edition)" is not merely an album; it's a musical dialogue that explores the intricacies of relationships, emotions, and the shared journey of existence.

This deluxe edition elevates the experience, offering additional layers of sonic richness. Extra tracks are like hidden treasures, waiting to be discovered, adding depth to an already profound musical exploration. Mathandos & Nvcho extend an invitation to immerse yourself in the expanded world of "This Is Us," where each note is a brushstroke, and every beat is a rhythmic expression of unity.

Prepare to be moved, uplifted, and immersed in the beauty of shared musical expression. "This Is Us (Deluxe Edition)" is an album that transcends genres, inviting you to explore the vast spectrum of human emotion through the language of music. Let the beats guide you, and the melodies be your companions as you embark on this auditory odyssey—where every track is a chapter, and the entire album is a celebration of the multifaceted tapestry of "us."


  1. Mathandos – Inkanyezi eKhethekile
  2. Mathandos & Nvcho – Thandana
  3. Mathandos & Nvcho – Uthe Ngifonele (feat. Nanette)
  4. Mathandos & Nvcho – Mona
  5. Mathandos & Nvcho – Ngiyakhala
  6. Mathandos & Nvcho – Dlala Kanje (feat. Mpho Spizzy, Thuske, Mgijimmy & Stixx)
  7. Mathandos, Nvcho & Djy Biza – Ntombazana
  8. Mathandos & Nvcho – Parti Yo’Tsotsi
  9. Mathandos & Nvcho – Imvelaphi
  10. Mathandos – My Art Outro (feat. Da ish)

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