Mbuso De Mbazo – Boarding School Piano Reshuffle II Album Download

Mbuso De Mbazo has arrived in full force with his highly anticipated album, “Boarding School Piano Reshuffle II". With this release, Mbuso De Mbazo solidifies his rise to prominence and cements his influence in the genre, showcasing his unique style and unwavering consistency.

Embark on a rhythm-infused journey with Mbuso De Mbazo's 'Boarding School Piano Reshuffle II' album—an electrifying symphony that reshapes the very essence of piano music. This album is not just a collection of tracks; it's a sonic revolution, where each note is a rebellious spark and every beat is a rhythmic uprising.

From the first key, 'Boarding School Piano Reshuffle II' unleashes a musical insurgency, with Mbuso De Mbazo as the fearless commander orchestrating a piano rebellion. The beats are insurgent cadences, echoing through the speakers with a revolutionary fervor, while the melodies are harmonic manifestos that challenge the conventional boundaries of piano composition.

As you navigate through the album, each track is a rebellious chapter in this sonic uprising. Some beats are like rhythmic protests, demanding attention and commanding you to join the dance, while others are melodic declarations, inviting you to embrace the freedom of unbridled piano expression.

'Boarding School Piano Reshuffle II' is not just an album; it's a call to musical arms, an invitation to shed the constraints of tradition and revel in the audacious rebellion of sound. Mbuso De Mbazo invites you to join the movement, to let the beats be your battle cries, and the melodies your rallying anthems.

Prepare to be swept away by the revolutionary spirit of 'Boarding School Piano Reshuffle II.' Mbuso De Mbazo's album is a sonic insurgency, where beats are the weapons, melodies are the banners, and every track is a declaration of piano liberation. Let the music be your revolution as you march to the rebellious rhythms of 'Boarding School Piano Reshuffle II'—where the piano is not just an instrument; it's a powerful force of sonic rebellion.


  1. Mbuso De Mbazo & Tumelo_za – Sizwakele (feat. Nation 365)
  2. Mbuso De Mbazo & Element Keyz – Tsutsuma (feat. Neechor, B6 Rider & Nation 365)
  3. Mbuso De Mbazo & Neechor – Fools of life
  4. Mbuso De Mbazo, Busta 929 & Lolo SA – Dubula
  5. Mbuso De Mbazo & Lady Du – Thiba [Amakati Edition] (feat. Mr Sgozi & Sphola G)
  6. Mbuso De Mbazo & Tumelo_za – Second
  7. Mbuso De Mbazo – Uzolahla (feat. Nation 365)
  8. Mbuso De Mbazo & Spikzo – Ungehlule (feat. Nation 365)
  9. Mbuso De Mbazo, Tumelo_za & Njebstxr – Azikhale Ke
  10. Mbuso De Mbazo – Eduze Kwami (feat. Neechor & Khuboni iBhele)

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