Meet DJ Masecurity – The Missing Scorpion King.

Phori is that your twin??? Dj Masecurity Photos sends Twitter into Frenzy.

That’s the new trend on Twitter Mzansi. Fans have gone completely berk over photos of one DJ Masecurity who bears a striking resemblance to popular producer and label executive, DJ Maphorisa.

The man, now known as DJ Masecurity not only looks like DJ Maphorisa but also dresses exactly like the star. With a durag on, big colored shades the size of a windshield and ripped jeans, if Maphorisa ever needed a body double then Masecurity would be his first choice.

Perhaps the only difference in looks between the two men would be that Masecurity has a slightly slimmer and more athletic figure than Maphorisa.

Check out the photos below.

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