Reece Madlisa & Zuma - Amaroto Vol 2 Kwaito Edition Zip Download

Reece Madlisa & Zuma – Amaroto Vol 2 (Kwaito Edition)


Reece Madlisa & Zuma – Amaroto Vol 2 Kwaito Edition Zip Download.

More than a year after they dropped the very first Amaroto EP, Reece Madlisa & Zuma have returned with a follow-up titled Amaroto Vol 2 (Kwaito Edition). The new EP is heavily influenced by the Kwaito Sounds, a genre of music that originates from the Kasi’s of South Africa.

The new album features 5 new songs (including Iy’ntsimbi Zase Envy) and boasts of features from some of the top A-Listers in the industry. Ama Roto Vol 2 entertains appearances from Busta 929, lady Du, Dj Maphorisa, Soa Mattrix, Josiah De Disciple, Beast, Dlala Mshunqisi, Deep Xplosion, Bob Mabena, Lungstar, Stillow and the late gents Mpura Mpura and Killer Kau.


  1. Reece Madlisa & Zuma – Iy’ntsimbi Zase Envy (feat. Busta 929, Beast & Dladla Mshunqisi)
  2. Reece Madlisa & Zuma – Amaroto (feat. Deep Xplosion, Bob Mabena, Lungstar & Stillow)
  3. Reece Madlisa & Zuma – Manyonyoba (feat. Busta 929 & Lady Du)
  4. Reece Madlisa & Zuma – K’dala S’kokota (feat. DJ Maphorisa, Soa Matrix, Mpura & Killer Kau)
  5. Reece Madlisa & Zuma – iJob iJob (feat. Josiah De Disciple & Sfarzo)
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1. Iy’ntsimbi Zase Envy (feat. Busta 929, Beast & Dladla Mshunqisi)

Iy’ntsimbi Zase Envy was the promotional single for the new Amaroto Vol 2 album, the duo released it after they announced their plans to drop the EP. It features production from Busta 929 who is the go to guy for Amapaino/Kwaito productions. Another interesting feature here is Dlala Mshunqisi who makes his Amapiano debut.



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