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Samthing Soweto Speaks Up On his weight loss, “I’m going through a lot”


Samthing Soweto Speaks Up On his weight loss, “I’m going through a lot”

Samthing Soweto is a popular name in the South African music industry. The artiste became popular from a particular band group called the Band of Soil where he was the lead singer. He later left the group as a result of some disagreements and became a solo artiste with a huge number of songs have accorded him many awards.

In recent times, Soweto was in the news, but not for his musical contributions. The musician seems to have lost a substantial amount of weight in a relatively short period of time, which has caused his supporters and fans to be concerned.

Samthing Soweto dismisses hideous assumptions about what might have caused his drastic weight loss. A few days ago, the singer got people shocked after sharing selfies of himself on social media.

People have assumed that he was battling from kind of illness and they have been showing their concerns through payers, emails and social media posts.

The artiste shared a video on Instagram where he appreciated those that have been supporting him with prayers and other good will messages.

He went further to say that he is not dying but has some personal issues that he is battling with. He claimed that works and other things got him really exhausted that it led to his drastical lost of weight.

He later told his fans that a new hit is cooking and will be dropping soon. Some of his colleagues in the industry reacted to this his video and Lady Du has this to say:

“We are soooo sorry bro, we love and appreciate you sooo much man,”

We wish him well in whatever the issue maybe.


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