Soa Mattrix - Akani Album Download Zip

Download Soa Mattrix - Akani Album. One of our favorite Soulful Amapiano producers, Soa Mattrix has come forth with his first full length album for the year which is titled "Akani". The album is now available to download and stream across several platforms.

Akani is a beautiful piece of art, featuring 15 new songs and guest appearances that we can only but describe as versatile and totalitarian. With his latest artwork Soa Mattrix encompasses the very true nature of Soulful Amapiano as he curates smooth and emotive melodies.

The new album begins with Mbuzo, featuring vocals from Murumba Pitch and Sipho Magudulela. As the album progresses through Imimoya to Sax in The City it is clear that Soa Mattrix curated this project with clear vision as he chooses to start with the more emotional and vocally infused tracks and progresses towards a more instrumental based tracks like the titular track Akani.

As listeners approach the albums crescendo on Dropline 2.0, they experience a bit of nostalgia as Soa Mattrix sparks memories of 2021's Tintswalo.

Akani Album is a testament to how far Soa Mattrix has come in his journey. From his breakout singles with Soulful G to curating full length albums and being able to gather such an impressive lineup, the future shines even brighter for the humble producer.

Listen to “Soa Mattrix - Akani Album Download Mp3” for free. Stay tuned for more songs, videos, albums, mixes, and lyrics this year.


  1. Soa Mattrix – Umbuzo (feat. Murumba Pitch & Sipho Magudulela)
  2. Soa Mattrix – Imimoya (feat. Cnethemba Gonelo & Frank Mabeat)
  3. Soa Mattrix – Thelela (feat. Dinky Kunene, Sipho Magudulela, Tribal Soul & DeSoul)
  4. Soa Mattrix – Isizwe (feat. Cnethemba Gonelo, Dinky Kunene & Tribal Soul)
  5. Soa Mattrix – Phumelela (feat. B33KAY SA, Nkatha, Frank Mabeat & DeSoul)
  6. Soa Mattrix – Amaphupho (feat. Cnethemba Gonelo, Murumba Pitch & Sinny Man’Que)
  7. Soa Mattrix – Incwadi (feat. B33KAY SA, Cnethemba Gonelo & Sinny Man’Que)
  8. Soa Mattrix – Abantu (feat. B33KAY SA, Bongane Sax & De Soul)
  9. Soa Mattrix – Moya Wami (feat. Bassie & Happy Jazzman)
  10. Soa Mattrix – Iskhathi (feat. Bassie, Happy Jazzman & Faith Strings)
  11. Soa Mattrix – Don’t Wake Me Up (feat. Jessica LM, Tribal Soul & Spelete)
  12. Soa Mattrix – Shona Malanga (feat. Jessica LM)
  13. Soa Mattrix – Akani (feat. Spelete, Maremo Violin & Bongane Sax)
  14. Soa Mattrix – Sax In The City (feat. Happy Jazzman & Mdu Sax)
  15. Soa Mattrix – Dropline 2.0 (feat. Frank Mabeat & Tribal Soul)




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