Emtee has refuted rumors of drug use, which have been perpetuated by some social media users, despite his frustration with such perceptions.

Emtee took to Twitter to address the issue, stating that he has quit using drugs, including lean. He expressed his annoyance at the continued drug talk and emphasized that he has been sober for some time now.

“All this drugs talk is p*sing me off. I even quit lean [a mix of cough syrup, soda and sweets]. I been sober for a minute so don’t come to me with that drug talk sht. I’m done with that life! Stop trying to push agendas here,” he wrote.

Emtee also explained in an interview with Da L.E.S that his drug use was due to his passion and desire to be accepted in the music industry.

“It is just once again being so in tune, like what I’m doing. I mean being so passionate, wanting to be so involved and accepted is one of those things, and I always say, like, there’s not a lot of things I will create in life you know.”