Stixx - Test of Time Album Zip Download

Stixx - Test of Time Album. Experiencing Timeless Harmony with Stixx's latest album, "Test of Time," where each track is a testament to the artist's unparalleled creativity and devotion to craft. Released in 2023, this album is a rich tapestry of genres and collaborations, showcasing Stixx's ability to blend diverse elements seamlessly.

The album tracklist reveals a Symphony of Sounds that begins with an Intro and leads up to the climax at Dlala Stixx, embodying the desire of fans as the are left wanting more music from the producer.

"Test of Time" is an auditory feast, offering a rich blend of genres and collaborations. Stixx's production skills shine as he navigates through diverse sounds, creating an album that transcends time and musical boundaries. The collaborations, featuring talents like Jay Sax, Kelvin Momo, and more, add layers of depth to each track, making it a cohesive yet dynamic listening experience. From the soulful melodies to the rhythmic beats, Stixx has crafted an album that stands the test of time.

Ready to immerse yourself in the timeless harmony of "Test of Time"? Download the album MP3 now from our official website or trusted music platforms. Stixx invites you to experience a musical journey that defies the constraints of time – a true testament to the enduring power of artistic expression.


  1. Stixx & Mzizi - 11:11 (Intro)
  2. Stixx - Tanzanian Prayer
  3. Stixx - Love Confession (feat. Mohau Sax, Nvcho & Reed)
  4. Stixx - Hello (feat. Nvcho & Mzizi)
  5. Stixx - Ndaba Zami (feat. Kelvin Momo, Baby S.O.N & Mathandos)
  6. Stixx - Isimilo (feat. Nanette & Reed)
  7. Stixx & Jay Sax - Cry of War
  8. Stixx & DBN Gogo - Ndikunkile (feat. Makhanj, Nia Pearl & Mzizi)
  9. Stixx - Maskandi Cry (feat. Mpho Spizzy)
  10. Stixx - Carribean 7 Colours (feat. Zwayetoven)
  11. Stixx - Malume (feat. Nvcho)
  12. Stixx & Kelvin Momo - Autumn Leaves (feat. Xolani Guitars & Jay Sax) || Download Link
  13. Stixx - Msamaria (feat. Baby S.O.N & Mzizi)
  14. Stixx - Test of Time (feat. Jay Sax & Zwayetoven)
  15. Stixx - Dlala Stixx (feat. Nvcho & Mathandos)




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