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The Following Amapiano Celebrities Have Been Suggested By Their Fans For The Boxing Matches


The Following Amapiano Celebrities Have Been Suggested By Their Fans For The Boxing Matches

Finally, the long awaited and most anticipated #CelebCity boxing match has finally ended in a win for actor and musician NaakMusiQ against rapper Cassper Nyovest on Saturday. Many months after hyping up the celebrity boxing match and fans enduring multiple delays on Saturday night, the two celebrities put on an exciting show for thousands of viewers.

Meanwhile, as celebrity boxing match is still a hot topic on social media, fans have suggested a amapiano artistes to fight against each other. Check out the list:

Force from MFR Souls Vs De Mthuda

Bassie Vs Thabsie

Kwesta Vs Young Stunna

Sponchmakhekhe Vs Njelic

Kamo Mphela Vs Uncle Waffles

DJ Stokie Vs Shaun 101

Maero Vs Myztro SA

Dj Jaivane Vs House Cats

Nevertheless, before the fight, Cassper has been found consistently sharing the video clips of his training and how he has been getting ready with the tagline #Naakhimout. Well all the months of hyping up the celebrity boxing match was really not in vain as the arena was filled up and fans were glued to their screens despite many having a lack of knowledge of the sport.

Nyovest lost in the game came as an unofficial agreement and it is being called on to follow through. The rapper had answered positively to a tweet asking him to be a guest on Podcast and Chill with MacG if he lost. “If I lose the fight with Naak I will go on MacG’s podcast. If I beat Naak though, I’ll never go on that show,” Nyovest replied in February.


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