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Ubuntu Brothers – Everlasting 5th Musical Episode


Ubuntu Brothers – Everlasting 5th Musical Episode EP Download.

One year ago Ubuntu Brothers delivered Everlasting 4th Musical Episode, and just as they did in 2021 they have repeated the same feat exactly one year later. Today, Ubuntu Brothers unlock the latest edition in their series, Everlasting 5th Musical Episode.

The latest addition contains a total of 8 songs with production styles that comprises Bacardi, Nkwari, Soulful and Private Tech Piano.

The album also features guest appearances from DotMega, Ts The Vocalist, Calvin Shaw, Trophy De Leader, Yaliboy, and Prexilee.


  1. Ubuntu Brothers – Besinga Lalelanga ft. Dotmega & Ts The Vocalist
  2. Ubuntu Brothers – Thando Lwakho ft. Yaliboy & Prexilee
  3. Ubuntu Brothers – Barcadi WayY
  4. Ubuntu Brothers – Nkwari WayY
  5. Ubuntu Brothers – Bambelela ft. Calvin Shaw
  6. Ubuntu Brothers – Heey
  7. Ubuntu Brothers – SIZWE ALAKINE ft. Trophy De Leader
  8. Ubuntu Brothers – Musiqal Notes
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