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uLazi – Mguzuguzu (Album)


uLazi – Mguzuguzu Album Download Zip.

uLazi – Mguzuguzu Album Amapiano Updates: Lazi uLazi is one of our favorite producers who despite not getting the credit he deserves has continued to be consistent in his art. Last weekend, the producer dropped off his latest album, Mguzuguzu.

The album is a superb mix of Private Tech and Grootman Percussion Amapiano with a blend of synths, lush piano keys and dark underground sounds.

Mguzuguzu features 8 songs and has appearances from Lesh, Thabza Tee, El-Kay Musiq, SwarrayHills and El Keys. Grootman Percussion lovers will want to check out Mguzu Nation and Late Call.


  1. Umlazi || Download Track
  2. 30 Days (feat. Lesh) || Download Track
  3. Clap & Tap (feat. Thabza Tee) || Download Track
  4. Gijima (feat. Thabza Tee) || Download Track
  5. Sliding Tech (feat. Thabza Tee) || Download Track
  6. Mguzu Nation (feat. El-Kay MusiQ & El Keys) || Download Track
  7. WWE (feat. SwarrayHills) || Download Track
  8. Late Call (feat. El-Kay MusiQ & El-Keys) || Download Track
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