Vusinator Mtwan’omuhle

Vusinator Promises Lots of New Music This Year 2021

2017 was a monumental year for Vusinator. The producer was in his element as he dropped back to back projects and made sure that his stables were always filled with good music. In a recent post Vusinator has promised his fans that he will return back to his 2017 form and increase his output this year 2021.


The producer already started the year on a high note, releasing his CoalYard Music EP back in January. He quickly followed that up with GiyaniBass Movement Vol 03 Mix which was released in the end of January. That’s two in one month. So we can agree that he is well on his way to even fulfilling his promise for increased output.

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As promised… the 2017 version of Vusinator is back❤️⭐️🙏🏾 i will be dropping more projects this year.

Author: Amapiano Updates
Amapiano Updates (aka P. Lewis) is a producer and music promoter who for the past couple years has been dedicated to showcasing the rich culture of South African music to the world. Since it's early days, Amapiano showed signs of domination, even beyond the borders of South Africa. Lewis is dedicated to making sure that the dream of #AmapianoToTheWorld is fulfilled in the most exciting way possible.