Want To Study A Masters In Biochemistry?

Getting your masters degree has become sort of a requirement in the present day industry. Without one it has become increasingly difficult to get a job in any of the industries. If you have registered and applied for a masters in biochemistry in any university, here are some sample questions to help you prepare for your exams.

If you need information on how to register for a masters in biochemistry, check out the listed links below which will take you to the appropriate university websites where you can now apply for your chosen program. Please bear in mind that the application process may differ according to the institutions.

These are some example questions for the Master of Biochemistry entrance exam.

Do bear in mind that the entrance exam will be significantly longer (at least
20 questions) and that the questions below may or may not be part of the questions asked during the real entrance exam.

  1. How are the following DNA lesions repaired? Name one mechanism for each
    a) Thymine dimer,
    b) DNA double strand break,
    c) mismatched base pair.
  2. What are the three steps of pre-mRNA processing in eukaryotes?
  3. Name an example for an amino acid with a side chain that is
    (a) basic,
    (b) acidic
    (c) aromatic
  4. What is apoptosis? What is the biochemical activity of caspases in this
  5. What is a
    (a) karyotype,
    (b) gonosome,
    (c) autosome?
  6. Name three metabolic functions or pathways that take place in the
  7. Draw the chemical structure of adenosyl triposhate.
  8. What is the function of U1 and U2 snRNAs in mRNA splicing?
  9. List the important functional elements of an E. coli plasmid vector.
  10. Explain how the following chromatographic techniques separate proteins:
    a) affinity chromatography,
    b) size exclusion chromatography,
    c) hydrophobic interaction chromatography.
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