What Was Your First Purchase On Amazon?

For many, online shopping is such a scary thing that they are so reluctant to try it. But once you have learned the intrinsic things involved, shopping online becomes a breeze. It is very important to know where and how to shop, whether it’s offline or online.


My very first order on Amazon was in way back in 2002. My order consisted of a self help book and a vintage VHS tape.

A few weeks earlier I had come across a friend of mine reading one of Mario Puzo’s novels, The Omerta and when I asked about the book he explained what the word Omerta meant. I was captivated by the idea and decided to get the book for myself.

I asked for information on how to get the book and he suggested I checked Amazon since it was already out of stock in our local bookshop “sad”. Few days later I walked into a cyber cafe in my neighborhood, I had no cellphone at this time so I made use of the neighborhood care whenever I wanted to do anything on the internet. I created my Amazon account and made my first order, which included the book, and the VHS tapes for The Godfather Trilogy.

Between 2002 and now I have made countless orders using Amazon, and I have never had a bad experience save the one time my item got shipped to the wrong address, and that was my fault because I had written the address incorrectly.

If you want to see your Shopping history on Amazon, take the steps below.

  • Step 1: Access “Your Account”.
  • Step 2: Under “Ordering and shopping preferences”, select “Download order reports”.
  • Step 3: Select your date range. … (I chose Jan 1 and my start year to present day)
  • Step 4: Amazon will begin generating your report, which may take some time depending on how much money you’ve spent. Then download and open the csv in Excel and highlight the entire “Total” row and click Autosum to total it up and look at the total spent….


Updated: July 29, 2019 — 3:27 pm