Zuma X Reece Madlisa - Incimbi Yase Envy MP3 Download

Zuma x Reece Madlisa – Incimbi Yase Envy (Live Performance)


Zuma x Reece Madlisa – Incimbi Yase Envy MP3 Download.

Zuma and Reece Madlisa collectively known as Amaroto are one of the fan favorites in the industry. With their sweet Kwaito vibe they infused with Amapiano they offer fans a blast from the past flavored with the future of South African Dance music. Today we have a new song from Zuma and Reece Madlisa which is titled “Incimbi Yase Envy” which they performed live on The Yard.

Cotton Fest has been bringing the very best and favorite artists and producers in the industry to our screens via their new show, “The Yard.” Their latest guests on the show was Amaroto, and the group performed three of their songs for a live audience.


Check out the song below, Incimbi Yase Envy which will be on Amaroto’s upcoming album.


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