Top 100 Amapiano Songs in 2021.

More than 5000 Amapiano songs were released this year alone, but we have streamlined the list to bring you the top 100 Amapiano songs in 2021.

De Mthuda & Sir Trill - Emlanjeni (feat. Da Muziqal Chef)

When fans first heard Emlanjeni on the Balcony Mix it made such an emotional impact on every one who heard it. Videos of a groover tearing up while the song was being played immediately went viral. Although 2021 has had such amazing songs being released, Emlanjeni stands to be the very best of the best.

Kelvin Momo - Ivy League (ft. Ch’cco, Yumbs, TaSkipper & Thlolo)

Within just a few weeks of it's release, Kelvin Momo's Ivy League has already got more streams and downloads than many of the songs released months before it. Hence it maintains the second position on our list behind the emotional Emlanjeni.

Kabza De Small - Asibe Happy (feat. Ami Faku)

Ami Faku's introduction to Amapiano began with Asibe Happy, and the song made such a great impact both in the Amapiano community and the Afro House scene.

Mas Musiq - Inhliziyo (feat. Babalwa M)

Fans have argued that Mas Musiq's Auti e'Sharp is the best album of the year and that is a valid argument. The album held so many great hits, most notable is it's first track, Inhliziyo which featued the beautiful sultry Babalwa Mavusa.

Kwiish SA - Liyoshona (feat. Njelic, De Mthuda & Malumnator)

Kwiish SA's Liyoshona was one of the first songs to gain widespread attention this year. Released back in February under the banner of Umshiso, the song then was lauded as being the best song this year and true to popular demand it easily made our top 10 list. Not many songs released this year can be better than this jam.

Gaba Cannal - eGoli (feat. The Myth)

Gaba Cannal had such an incredible year with the release of Visionary, Episode 1. Although the album didn't make our top 30, it clearly is worth a position in the top 5 albums of the year. eGoli is one of the many hits on the album, featuring The Myth.

Dj Givy Baby – Nomathemba (ft. Nkosazana Daughter, Sir Trill & Soa Mattrix)

Dj Givy Baby left this one for late in the year. The hit which features Sir Trill, Soa Mattrix and Nkosazana Daughter easily made it's way into out top 100 list.

Babalwa M – Aluta Continua

Aluta Continua has been making trends since last year but it was officially released in 2021, hence it easily makes it's way into out top 100 list of Amapiano songs.

Felo Le Tee, Mellow & Sleazy – Bopha (Main Mix) ft. Young Stunna, Kabza De Small & Madumane

Mellow & Sleazy were one of the phenomenal duos this year, being involved in more than a flurry of hits. The duo with their unique Bacardi style dominated the soundscape and their hits deserve all the praises that they get. Bopha remains one of the favs this year, with it's groovy basslines, it was a lyrical slaughter from Young Stunna.

Dzo 729 - Ba Xolele (feat. Guyu Pane, Lebo & Young Stunna)

Young Stunna's first hit was Ba Xolele with Dzo 729. The song that introduced him to the world and set him up for success. It easily makes our list and no arguments there.

ATK MusiQ – Batloa Hurda (ft. Tman Xpress, DJ Jaivane & Sinny Man’Que)

ATK Musiq are known for crafting such amazing hits and many of their songs remained locked longer than we would want. Batloa Hurda was first played on Jaivane's first mixtape this year and was recognized as a hit. It later got released when Jaivane dropped the full album.

Kabza De Small & Young Stunna - Adiwele

Kabza De Small and Young Stunna sealed a partnershp with Adiwele, a joint venture that would lead to the release of hit after hit. The legendary producer was involved heavily with Stunna's debut album and the young man never stoos singing praises and appreciation for the opportunity that the king gave to him. "Umsholozi uvulile amasango".

Ntokzin - Steven Seagal (feat. Sir Trill)

With Steven Seagal, Ntokzin continued a trend that he and De Mthuda had began the year before (with Jihn Wick). With Sir Trill providing lyrical mastery the two easily make our list of top 100 amapiano songs i 2021.

Gaba Cannal - Uyaphapha Wena (feat. E_Clips_Mzansi)

Mas Musiq - Uzozisola (feat. Aymos, Kabza De Small & Dj Maphorisa)

Kabza De Small & Dj Maphorisa – Kwai Futhi (Ft. DJ Stokie)

Busta 929 - Hamba Nobani (feat. Boohle)

Mr JazziQ – Le Tin (ft. Kabza De Small, Zuma & Reece Madlisa)

Soa Mattrix & DJ Maphorisa – Sijabule (ft. LeeMcKrazy)

Sje Konka & Freddy K - Location Sila (feat. Robot Boii)

Kelvin Momo – As’phuze (feat. Murumba Pitch)

Mas Musiq - Nguwe (feat. Daliwonga, Sir Trill & Major League Djz)

Tyler ICU & Dj Maphorisa - Banyana (feat. Kabza De Small, Daliwonga & Sir Trill)

Kabza De Small & Dj Maphorisa – Porry Ma Lighter

Tee Jay & ThackzinDJ – Zajika Izinto (ft. Sir Trill, Master KG & Basetsana)

Kelvin Momo – Sharp (feat. Ch’cco, Yumbs & TNK Musiq)

Kabza De Small & DJ Maphorisa – Abalele (ft. Ami Faku)

DJ Jaivane – Askies I’m Sorry (XpensiveClections Vol 40_Track 4)

Dj Maphorisa & Soa Mattrix - Umama Akekho (feat. Nkosazana Daughter & Mas Musiq)

De Mthuda & Sir Trill – Inganono (feat. Dali)

Busta 929 - Van Damme (ft. Mgiftoz SA)

Mphow69 – Mkhuzeni (PALESA) ft Jobe London, Mr JazziQ, Mpura, Reece Madlisa x Zuma

ThackzinDJ & TeeJay – Kshubile (ft. Sir Trill)

Soa Mattrix & Tribesoul - Geu (feat. Daliwonga)

Mr JazziQ x Soul Revolver - Dlala Piano

Soa Mattrix – Ibhasi Labelungu (ft. Sir Trill)

De Mthuda – Jaiva feat. Focalistic & Njelic

Ntokzin - Ngisize (feat. Boohle & The Majestiez)

DJ Maphorisa & Kabza De Small – Unconditional (ft. Babalwa M & Tyler ICU)

Visca - Maboko (Original Mix)

Dj Stokie – Bawo Vulela (Vocal Mix) ft. De Mthuda & Nutow

Daliwonga – Zenzele (ft. Kabza De Small, Nkulee 501 & Skroef28)

De Mthuda - Khethile Khethile (feat. Malumnator, Kabza De Small & Sir Trill)

Felo Le Tee – Dipatje (ft. Daliwonga, Cassper Nyovest, Bontle Smith & Myztro)

Soa Mattrix & Sir Trill – Dokotela (Magnifica)

Busta 929 – Ngixolele (Main Mix) ft. Boohle

Young Stunna - Ingudu (feat. Felo Le Tee, Mellow & Sleazy)

Kabza De Small & DJ Maphorisa – LoMhlaba (ft. Young Stunna & Mhaw Keys)

Mfana Kah Gogo – Hlal’Ethembeni (ft. Mhlekzin)

Busta929 – Tshwala (ft. Lady Du)

Da Muziqal Chef – Siy’eKonka (ft. Kaza De Small, Young Stunna, Nkulee 501 & Skroef28)

Ntokzin – Bana Ba Skolo (ft. Lady Du & Sir Trill)

Leequideep Djz – As’yindawo (ft. Mkeyz, TeeJay, Da Ish, Boohle)

Young Stunna - Shenta (feat. Nkulee 501 & Skroef28)

Sir Trill & Jessica LM – Lwandle (Xiluva) (ft. ThackzinDJ & Tee Jay)

Reece Madlisa & Zuma (Amaroto) – Iy’ntsimbi Zase Envy ft. Busta 929, Beast & Dladla Mshunqisi

De Mthuda & Ntokzin – Vuka Uyosebenza (ft. MalumNator)

De Mthuda – Banamanga (ft. MoonChild Sanelly)

Vigro Deep - I Am Vigro Deep

Dj Zinhle - Siyabonga (feat. Black Motion, Kabza De Small 7 Nokwazi)

Busta 929 - Yuri Boyka (feat. Mgiftoz SA)

Babalwa M - Ungazilibali

Kweyama Brothers x Mpura – iDlozi (ft. 12am)

De Mthuda & Daliwonga – Suka Endleleni

Focalistic – Gupta (ft. Lady Du, Mr JazziQ & Seekay)

Kabza De Small & DJ Maphorisa – Phakamisele (ft. Boohle) **

Dj Maphorisa & Tyler ICU - Izolo (feat. Madumane, Mpura & Daliwonga)

Kelvin Momo & Mphow69 - More Momo (feat. Killa Punch)

Mdu aka TRP & Bongza – Igolide (ft. Aymos & Daliwonga)

Mr JazziQ – Junk Park (ft. Fake Love)

Msaki - Mntakababa (feat. Kabza De Small & Focalistic)

Luudadeejay x Balcony Mix Africa x Major League Djz - Sabela

Young Stunna – We Mame (ft. Madumane & Kabza De Small)

Mellow & Sleazy x Pabi Cooper – Thanda Kanjani (ft. DJ Maphorisa, Reece Madlisa & Zuma)

Babalwa M – Makwande (ft. YUMBS & Kelvin Momo)

DJ Obza & Bongo Beats – Kuyenyukela (ft. Mvzzle & Indlovukazi)

Major League Djz x Amaroto – NKENTSE ROBOTO ft Nobantu Vilakazi x Luudadeejay

Tee Jay, ThackzinDJ, T-MAN SA & Sir Trill – Empini (ft. Nkosazana Daughter, Azana & Magudulela)

De Mthuda x MalumNator – Induku

Kelvin Momo – Song Cry (feat. Mhaw Keys)

Felo Le Tee - Nje Nje (ft. Mr JazziQ, Reece Madlisa, Zuma, Mpura, DJ Maphorisa & Kabza De Small)

Ntokzin – Sthandwa Sami (ft. Sir Trill & Boohle)

Ch’cco, FakeLove, Mellow & Sleazy – Nkao Tempela

Kabza De Small & Mhaw Keys - King of Piano

Busta 929 – Beke Le Beke (feat. Amaroto)

Shaun 101 – Luzuko (ft. Nobantu Vilakazi, Murumba Pitch & Thuske SA)

Mas Musiq – Ntwana Yam (ft. Young Stunna, Bongza, Nkulee501 & Skroef 28)

Busta 929 - Mmapula (feat. Mzu M)

MFR Souls – Abahambayo (ft. Mzulu Kakhulu, Khobzn Kiavalla & T-Man SA)

Bongza - Sekele (feat. Skroef28, Nkulee 501 & Young Stunna)

Josiah De Disciple & Mdu aka TRP – Way Way (ft. Boohle)

Kelvin Momo – Teka

DJ Jaivane & Sinny Man’Que – Siyaphambili (ft. LeeMcKrazy & Tracy)

Mas Musiq – Umndeni (ft. Young Stunna, Tyler ICU & Corry Da Groove)

Soa Mattrix & DJ Maphorisa – Idlozi Lami (ft. Phila Dlozi, Boohle & Kabza De Small)

Kelvin Momo – Joy (feat. Sino Msolo & Dalsh)

Josiah De Disciple – Khuzeka (ft. Jessica LM)

Unlimited Soul & Dbn Gogo – Break Through

Mr JazziQ – Shaker Smart (feat. Mellow & Sleazy, Djy Ma’Ten & M.J)

Djy Zan SA - Century (ft. Fanarito, Konka x Kyika DeSoul)

The top 100 Amapiano songs of 2021 features songs from all the major sub-genres of Amapiano including Private School Amapiano, Grootman Percussion, Underground, Public School Piano, Gospel Piano, Sgubu, Skandi Yano etc.

The list was compiled according to the number of streams and downloads that each song got from it's time of release till date.

The growth recorded this year is a collective effort of so many producers, vocalists, fans and promoters. We all deserve a pat on the back for a job well done. The genre recorded tremendous growth that saw it cross beyond the borders of South Africa and gain worldwide dominance. The Amapiano lifestyle became a global movement.

Kudos to the Major League DJz for taking Amapiano to Europe and America, a job well done to Dj Maphorisa and Kabza De Small who made songs with Jorja Smith further propagating the Yano gospel. Mr Jazziq took his music to Ghana and across several African countries, and so did Dj Obza, Sha Sha, DBN Gogo, and many others too numerous to mention.

Focalistic did an amazing job in Nigeria, his collaborations with Davido truly made an impact there. Oskido's collaborations with Niniola further cemented the position of Amapiano in Nigeria.

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